Friday, March 16, 2012

The Spirit Archer by Mike Evers

This is a short narrative about a young boy in the United Kingdom going through many personal trials; he is the sole support for his mum's household since his dad was killed years ago. Jamie is feeling lost and restless overhears a conversation about a mysterious incident at a local cemetery and to distract him from his worldly troubles he decides to scout out a cemetery to see what or who scared the customer. He ventures into a mysterious world involving a long lost hero to some and a criminal to another; A fork-lore hero to the poor.

This discovery positions his destiny to change from the lost boy to grow into a knowledgeable lad; for he finds a kindred soul who helps him through the darkness to the light, be it supernatural or a fantasy.

This genre is refreshing because education is lacking in the world today and this author was able to take a captivating character and formed a bond with a lost lad and the conclusion was awesome ; meanwhile he describes details of a historical truths that makes this reader want to Goggle the internet and refresh my educational knowledge.

It was ironic how the past comes into the present and the bullies are put in their rightful places. The hero comes to the rescue and proves that if one is kind and gives then they too will be rewarded for their sharing.

This narrative should be extended into longer historical facts written using the adorable Jamie as a teacher and role model to teach the children about not forgetting about their history and to continue to learn new knowledge every day. This story has a surprising conclusion and it is somewhat witty and remarkable. You have to read it for yourself. If you crave folk-lore tales and want to know historical facts this author may be the one for you to investigate.

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