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A Ranger’s Tale by Mysti Parker

This reader won this delightful tale in a book contest Hunger Games Read Along Event at

From the first page to the last, it was an entertaining tale of a young woman birth into a family of royalty and wizardry has her life destiny changed when a misfortunate accident takes her brother, the heir to the kingdom. She is given the responsibility of carrying the family’s name and reputation as a mage a powerful wizard to continue the linage of the generation. She is a fiery restless soul and when forced to do something against her nature; it was the last straw and she takes her destiny back from her controlling father. She desires to leave the kingdom and see the world, not trapped behind the walls of her castle...

She sneaks out pass the guards on one adventure where she meets a dark handsome man who saves her from being taken hostages by foes and pirates. Meeting him starts her on a wild passionate lusty and worldly education in romance, relationships and the fine art of defensive fighting; using the bow and arrows, survive in the woods and learn how to track and hunt animals for food. She rebels against her destiny and throwing caution to the winds plans her final elopement from her the destiny she desires not and begins a new start. Live her dreams, not her father’s...

The story is written with highly emotional and intimate scenes of powerful sexual chemistry between her and the dark stranger. They are attracted to each other and bond as soul mates. He is cold and distant with her but as the reader turns the pages the relationship heats up and moves to a more personal connection. He is her lover, protector and the man of her dreams. They separated for a while, she is waiting for him to return from the seas; the days stretch into long nights and no word of his existence arrives. Until the dreaded day a telegraph arrives informing her he was lost at sea. Her world crumples and she is lost without him. The author adds more surprises and twists that compelled this reader to not be able to put the book down.

The story continues on as life continues on but the reader’s heart was crying for Galadin, a hero lost at sea and Caliphany’s grief at losing her life soul mate.
This excerpt caught this reader’s heart;

“It was here that my life truly began, when the floodgate opened my heart to the possibilities of love and loss. Some of the best and worst days of my life had happened since Galadin rescued me that day. But without the good times and bad, I may have never experienced true love, sacrifice, the powers of forgiveness, and the consequences of guilt. Even in my weakness, I knew I was a stronger person now because one man decided to step into my life and save me from myself.”

The story continues with some dramatic events and transformations that pulled this reader along waiting in anticipation to see what would be the next action in Caliphany’s future and will she find happiness and peace ever again.

This story’s setting was creative blending in with elves, mages, faeries, kings, and other colourful characters. The healers and the magic community was a pleasure additional. Plus the sailing ships moving through the ocean with the fear of a pirate attack at any moment kept this reader on the edge of her seat and appreciated the author’s creativity of mixing so many concepts and write such a magical fantasy romantic adventure on the high seas and in the royal kingdoms of those days. I goggle her Amazon Author page and she has many five stars reviews and more works in progress. She deserves them. I was pleasurably delighted with the story and bless my lucky Irish four clovers to have won this gift.

This reader believes Mysti Parker is a rising star and this is her first story in her the paranormal fantasy romantic series’ very entertaining with wizards, paladins, elves, trolls, and other worldly creatures, royalty, a sweet romance, betrayal, and new beginnings with locations of faraway lands and very charming; good and evil characters fighting each other. This tale was suspenseful and poignant at the same time. .

Good News: Look for more romantic tales from her fantasy world of Tallenmere, where magic, passion, murder, and mayhem are a part of everyday life coming soon.

Alert: This is a fantasy romance, not intended for children or teenagers. Contains adult and sexual situations, violence, and mild profanity. ebook/dp/B004XJ5EI2/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t

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Highly recommend this book with a glass of wine to put your feet up for a while; disconnect the phones, all distracting devices and lose yourself in a high seas adventure of fantasy and romance and destiny transformation, you will not be disappointed..

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