Friday, March 30, 2012

Stolen But Not Lost by Janet Tombow

This author concludes her intense Christian story Stolen But Not Lost; with the following recommendations;

“Perhaps one of these five “lessons learned” might help someone else with difficulties or uncertainties to overcome:

F – Find the truth

O – Open up to counseling

U – Uncover miracles available to you

N – Never think it’s too late for dreams to come true

D - Don’t delay to obey

Recommendations about believing in faith of the Almighty and obeying His clear instructions to walk the right road in your life and be blessed with gifts beyond one’s imagination She opens the story about her childhood and the conflicts she struggled through to be abandoned, abused and rejected by all who alleged to love her, yet lied to her about her natural mother and her toddlers years.

She describes in her plot about travelling across the country and living a new life, always felt something was incomplete. She thought about the person she lost when she left her previous home and has an empty hole in her heart angry she was deceived into thinking that she was unwanted.

Until many years later, 45 years actually she is given a message from the Almighty and begins her journey to seek answers to her lost past and discovers a new and enriching future. She describes her journey and thoughts to readers about embarking on a destiny that transforms and helps her heal to learn forgiveness and to believe in the impossible becoming possible

This book is an excellent personal biography about not assuming the facts until all is discover and seeking for lost ones. It gives one strength to continue seeking and believing in the Almighty, self and hope and the conclusion could be a happy ever after ending...

She also encloses a reference about how to search for lost loved ones and not to have any regrets but listen to your the voice in your mind and heart. .She includes verses of scriptures in her tale to emphasizes the power of the unseen miracles in believer's lives.
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