Monday, March 12, 2012

“The Castors of Giza” by Chris Hambleton

Is a combination of Biblical history and a fantasy book; the author extracts different theories about the ancient Egyptians days and their lives living in the surrounding lands. This story surrounds one certain Pharaoh who is appointed to the throne of Kemet: Khufu. His father was a master builder and command that the slaves build majestic pyramids, the burial site for royalty.

The Pharaoh wants to be honored by the underworld gods and decides to best his father and create the greatest pyramid and surrounding temples so all can see even miles down the Nile River. He appoints specialized experts in the art of stone making and other fields to journey across the Red Sea and seeks for the materials they will need to complete the dream of the mighty pyramid.

The story is enlightening, intense, and courageous as the experts travelled into unknown territories and encounter roaming nomads and barbarians.

The plot switches between the Pharaoh and his Egyptian kingdom to introduce an incident and one of the experts who’s in trouble to be saved at the last moment by a Hebrew. Thus the unusual friendship begins. The Hebrews understand that the stranger needs to go back home to Kemet and the rescuers are rewarded for their bravery and are allowed to reside in the blessed kingdom and experienced their own personal trials. The bond of friendship grows and the Egyptians realize that the Hebrews have vital knowledge to extend to completing the building of Great Pyramid.

This story is full with suspense, adventure and historical as well as biblical verses that made this reader wonder at the mysteries of life in those days and today of the 21st century.

The author combined the two periods together the emerging of monotheism and the building of the pyramids. He gives insights to the possibility of the secrets of how the pyramids may have been created. The story is full of daily life rituals and tender moments of family and loved ones experiencing joy and sorrow and missing their loved ones as the experts are commanded to venture to a faraway land to scout for the precious stone that is needed to complete the building of the pyramid. He incorporates various theories from religion to the sciences into the story.

The additional bonus is that there is a conspiracy and two brothers are pitted against each other and one’s beliefs are to be banned, but which one’s? Events and twists that make the story compelling, suspenseful and intense to conclude in one or two readings. The additional elements of the letters between the Hebrew slave and the Egyptian master builder lets the reader follow the progress of the building of the king's dream and other concerns that plague the lands and causing intriguing situations.

The author was generous to include data and references of the facts that pull together a sensitive, knowledgeable insight into the lives of the people who lived in the days of Genesis and how the two confronted each other over their views of faith and how they resolve conflicts.

If you like to know more secrets about the pyramids and relationships in those days, you can go to this link: to investigate for yourself and learn more information about this fantastical period of the former days. It is recommend for all ages for it is complete with many details and would make it a hot topic to talk about around the dinner table.

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