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MomNapped by Ramon Ballard

Sara at a young age was introduced to her future destiny earlier than planned and meet all sorts of supernatural creatures and friends who will assist her to adapted to the new kingdom and rescue her mother from the clutches of the evil aunts. This is an unique blend of many masterpieces, and authors, such as Mark Twain and others with a genius humorous creative plot of a young girl's journey to achieve her destiny, skills and help her mature into the reigning ruler she was meant to be along the way she meets very interesting characters.

It is filled with humor, different characters, accents and humorous references that present this reader with a good belly laugh and a roaring good time reading this quaint story.

The author has taken many elements of the literary world and creates a Pixar creation about a story of another kingdom and added his special touch and created an imaginary world of royalty, good vs. evil and life’s lessons all in an entertaining little package, an awesome story for all ages

This story is an amazing tapestry of creative imagination that introduces the reader to many literacy authors and masterpieces from Mark Twain, others and to the new entertainment of the 21st century, the some of the Pixar creativity of the Disney Movies; It has adventures, colorful characters and lessons to be shared with all. Sara and her new found friends cooperate together and scheme to freed her mother and bring the kingdom back to its former glory.

Highly recommend this unique story to be enjoyed as a family or just alone with a favorite snack and get ready for a potent time teleporting to another kingdom and share in the adventures of Sara and her friends bringing transformation to the future kingdom.

Ezekiel Watch by Chris Hambleton

Is a thorough examination of the Chapter of Ezekiel verses 36-39, and other chapters and verses of the Holy Bible exploring the prophecies behind the End of Times.  He dissects each passage down and selects valid evidence of probability of how the predictions of 2000 years ago could agree with the history of the evolution of the world from the past to the present, the 21st century.  The gospel from God and the apostles could be a distorted myth or a concise warning for all to open their eyes, ears and hearts and listen to the whispers and be aware of the signs of the times as a the beginning of birth pangs contradicting. 

From 2000 plus to the present years; The Holy Bible has been like a timeline, showing the course of all the disasters and wars that have invaded the Middle East to across the seas to Europe and America.  He discusses about the insane leaders who rose to power only mission was to execute the Jewish and other what they deem inferior people.   He also speaks of the history of the promise/covenant with Abraham. Isaac and Jacob of Israel from the Almighty of protecting Israel and her children, the gathering of all the Jewish children from around the world to bring them home once again with the creation of a new statehood, Israel in 1948.  God speaks of his love yet his aberrance for the disobedience of the wayward children and the murderers of innocent souls, and justice will be His vengeance.

The author is knowledgeable and discusses the possible outcome of the End of times; starting with countries and nation could be leading the fighting over the land and resources between the nations.  The discovery of a new energy source off the coast and the dying kingdom of Russia who  appears to be a strong front but decaying from the inside to the outside, they destroyed all future heirs by massive abortion and may plan an attack to seized Israel for their own agenda and gain power with all of her foes. Describing the past weaponry as the future weaponry and the strategic approach of how the foes will barge into their enemies lands and try to overtake them using supernatural or nuclear ammunition. The Almighty will protect His children but they will be a loss of millions of lives if His children do not respect the covenant of walking in His commandments. 

This book is written in a logical approach and shows many ways of the crumbling of the Americas and European nations, financially, and spiritual with anti-Semitism and radical Islam rising around the world as the Muslim population is growing by leaps and bounds and cursing the Christians, the terrorism and they pledge to want to push the residents of Israel in the seas are all harbingers of the present timeline.

This was a serious book yet it is written with compassion and as an alert to be prepare just in case of the prophesy coming true.  He also added another element this reader has not thought about; the fallen angels could be disguised as aliens to manipulative the sleeping sheep into believing that Jesus Christ is the enemy.  Watch for false prophets and do not believe everything one preaching.  Remember America is titled the Second Israel and she may be under the watchful eye of the Almighty and He may persecute her if the people do not turn from their wicked ways. 

In 2001, the revival was beginning, but then people became distracted by the political and patriotism   of the country and ignored the call for repentance. This author is concern and has written fiction and religion books to let the people understand there is still time to be prepared;

This book is for the believer and the non-believer, it should be utilized as a reference and manual to be stored in a safe place with break glass in case of emergency because you never know; messengers are sent from everywhere and this one and his thorough investigation may be one to listen to; He is not writing based on his research but adds in other worldly scholars who are also dedicated to break the codes and alert the masses to be ready for this may be the last or our children's generation to savor the earth's glory and praise the Creator.

Chris Hambleton can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.com and has his own website; Goggle his name 
or Ezekiel Watch and you may open a portal that will change your life.

Buzz Words by Doug Lucas

GMTA  Publishing has a new release out on May 30th called "Buzz Words" by Doug Lucas. It's something of a sequel to "Forgotten" a veteran's story about surviving in a foreign land and the adventures of their daily experiences fighting the enemies and keeping heart as everything is becoming chaotic, not knowing if they will survive another day. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Man In The Mountain by Doug Lucas


The Man in the Mountain by Doug Lucas was more than I thought it would be; I was highly surprised delighted and immensely enjoyed this story. It is not the typical DEA story about a safe house, a witness and the agents assigned to protect her. It goes into depth using literary references relating to real and not famous authors and describes the trials each character experiences when in a sticky predicament and how they tapped into their reminisces about what this or that favourite author would have done in a tricky situation. It is full with adventure, "what if" good guys vs. bad guys and a wild chase across rocky terrain and dangerous water paths. The mysterious stranger that comes to the rescue from his mountain hideout and the strategic plotting to hunt the prey or captive the hunters keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next.

This story was written to relate to the author and reader in each of us. The bonus is when each character adores or mocks the author he is thinking of expressing real life experiences or they are overzealous with their details of the truth; the agents expressed their appreciation or sarcasm with colorful language as they experienced being trek, shot at and chase and cornered like in a cat and mouse game; then they switched the game and the fun really begins. The literacy references are an added humor which this in itself is a treat of surprises and worth the time to read this story.

This story to this reader was a delicious tapestry of a plot of warm, sensual witty and clever characters who are full of common sense and knowledge to get away from their predators since the chase is on to kill the witness and agents protecting her and leave no evidence.

It is done with a flair of style that is thrilling, yet this author has a clever sense of humor and incorporates secret ingredients in the story; the jive at self and others; the details of the elegant hide-out with the beautiful scenery and the talents of each character is highlighted which creates a memorable tale. The conflict between agent and witness is a typical women cat fight that changes over time, hints of romance in the air too makes this a women's heart throb. As the adventure and masculine approach to live another day and escape their foes is a male's tonic.

As one is reading you are taking away absorbed into the plot and can imagine being one of the character; running and hiding; scoping out the landscape and thinking will this be the last breath taken. It goes behind the scenes of the conviction of the bad guys the trial and their weaknesses and how each one adjusts or is eliminated to the wind storm of their fateful destiny. It explores human nature and how individuals react when the desperate moment arrives and they face uncertainty.

It has it heroes and its villains and excitement. The human toil the good as well as the bad guys experience and the fight against the odds to achieve the possibility of living until their dying breath, desiring to enjoy just one more day is a teaser in their lives and with the literacy references this story makes this choice a stimulating read and I am becoming a fast fan of this writer.

There are other stories out there by this author and hopefully others in the works because this writing is like dipping into a refreshing mountain brook and relishing coming to the top and enjoy the sunshine of a beautiful day, mysterious and full of wonderment.

From the author' "Every time he tried to crawl closer to the tree line, Jorge and company made fear and the desire to grow older even more significant in his decision to stay right where he was. But he had decided that when he was down to ten rounds, he was going to try and shoot his way to safety. It would be an all or nothing effort, he damn well didn't intend to go gently into that good night, he intended to "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" as his favourite poem from Dylan Thomas read".

This reader also read the first book; Conversations with a Dead Man and they are like night and day; many hidden talents are rare to find but this one author seems to be able to change genre and still delight the readers. Highly recommend this author for readers looking for a rare undiscovered treasure and action packed stories that touch the soul then go be curious and Google for the Amazon page for this writer and see for yourself.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Last Chance by Ramon Ballard

The events that we, as the older generation have heard or learned should be written as a realistic tale. A true author’s job is to create a concise timeline when writing historical fiction. This author has accomplished that with a genius plot. A fictional autobiography of a 115 year old humble man with a playful personality as he tells his life story to a reporter in a nursing home. This reader is reminiscent of old-fashioned lemonade and sitting on a swing under a tree, reading or sharing this story with others. Escape into the details of the past and the beginnings of technology. Look through this author’s crystal ball into history. We all need to remember when our legacy started. The inventors and their ideas. This author has opened that portal through his eyes. The Last Chance is honest, detailed and filled with charming light humor what more can you ask for. I highly recommend this book to refresh memories and take a ride into the past.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"I wish you happiness, may you never sing the blues. I hope your dreams do nothing but come true. And may you have success in everything you do. I wish you rainbows and comfort through the night. Through the years may any decisions you make be right. I wish you peace  and sunshine from above.  I wish you happiness, but mostly I wish you love."

These haunting words of a poem is one of many from A Piece of My Heart by Ramon Ballard

This beautiful poem of sentimental language is a touching piece.  It is one of the many that is written in a short precious gem published by Ramon Ballard.  There are times when a reader opens a book and it meets the soul’s thirst and satisfied it’s nourishment, this one is like that for this reader.  I am not over stating, I am just being honest.  

There are days when the sunshine cannot be found, you look high and low and the darkness seems to coming closer and suffocating you, then a lovely surprise comes your way such as this and other masterpieces written by a deep, knowledgeable author who has unlock the secrets of the heart to touch one's soul, be it with words of comfort, sorrow or joy

What I have review of this book, the poetic style gem is a keepsake and should be used as a  reminder that hearts can be broken but then again can be healed.  As this author expresses on Facebook, blogs, “life's obstacles should not prevent one from living to their fullest. 

This is the author Amazon Link: and blog link will be following: 


Amazon.com: Ramon Ballard: Kindle Store


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Forgotten by Doug Lucas


Format:Kindle Edition
In this story the author Doug Lucas became a story telling master writing about a sensitive topic the author created a highly charged terrorist plot and wrote a story about the military and the terrorists in the early 1980's set in the Middle East and in-between brings in Cuba's threats. It is a suspenseful plot complete with espionage, conspiracy and intelligence data designed into a fast packed action tale about how the terrorists believe they are the final victors when they planned an attacked on an American military base; They as well as the foreigners discovered that Americans are not the weak soft underbelly slugs everyone thought they were before the attack; in the end the terrorists were served justice, the American way;

This writer describes with human emotion very graphic details of the before and aftermath of a horrific attack as if he was there in the midst of the chaos. He describes the events as they unfold; the details are sensitive which brings the reader to rally for the characters in the midst of the action, chaos and clean-up. The descriptions of human toil going through the range of personal agony to acceptance and about the loss of lives as well the urgency to bring justice to their fallen heroes, made this reader gasp.

The characters are written as if they could be your spouse, brother, sister, aunt and uncle. Your heart goes out to every family affect by this malicious vendetta against the friendly veterans who were there defenseless with unloaded weapons by the orders to be a peace ambassador or protector and not fire upon natives unless shot at first. Since the orders were lax; the compound was open to the enemies and they scheme to destroy their foes. The plan was hatched and the friendly lives were destroyed in less than 30 seconds when a crazy scheme is executed by the ruthless enemies.

As the story progressed every time the knock on the door from the military personnel and clergy came, it brought either tears or a leap of faith of Amen; yes one more veteran, loved will be coming home. Yet another family will be given the knowledge that they will be burying their child; one who dies before the parent. It is a tragedy yet at the same time the determination of the troops to respect the living and dead and bring their guys home to their families is a light in the darkness.

This story is written as if someone like a reporter was there on the scene; listening behind the doors in Washington D.C. as the President, his cabinet and all vital personnel are meeting about what action was necessary to investigated and conclude the incident before it becomes a major storm with too many casualties and finger pointing and more death. This author implanted a Wag the Dog theory into the tale where the higher staff of the POTUS OFFICE (President of the United States) and head commanders tries to distract the American public about this one horrific event and turns attention to another priority which was creating another threat to invade the homeland; so the story is not lacking adventure.

He also discussed the behind the scenes from the veterans fighting in foreign lands, to the commanders of the military personnel to the President to the cabinet and other staffers to the hidden threats to all involved parties that are involved; such as the UN and last to the news reporters asking where their loyalty lies; report the gripping details for the money or to defend America and keep the lid on the secrets until a calmer time. The plot goes further by showing the military personnel and clergy entering into average military homes to report to the families the state of their loved ones and it ends with victory and payback. It also touches upon personal lives experiencing regular day trials and their families and the decisions they need to decide for future generations.

It is a dedication and knowledge insider story about the danger threats which the honour proud men and women face every day, the danger they face when away from home and how they are brave veterans who serve and fight for world freedom every day, facing the unknown; It touches upon what fears they may go through every morning when they awake in a foreign land assigned as protectors or peace ambassadors. The author creates realistic and colorful characters and invites you to experience their everyday rituals of the life of a service person and their inner thoughts. Letting the reader senses the emotions and to know each individual in a special way. The additional bonus is the details about the team work of all people of all diversity coming together and supports each other when human tragedies become a reality and the faith they depend upon all to get through the darkness to save another life.

It explores the behind the actions of all the parties involved in protecting and supporting the veterans; from the President of each nation, to the tyrants, terrorists and service personal and all the other players needed to protect and guard the safety of the world. Discussing the factors involved for all who are there to be supported or possibly to abused their position to gain their own greedy benefits and how it is vital for all to cooperate together for the safety of all. The competition between the departments' heads is somewhat witty as each director has their own show down guarding their authority.

Author's words; "The UN Envoy seemed to be barely grasping what Phillips had just told him. Richard decided that now was the best time to swing the UN's demands back towards negotiating an outcome acceptable to not only the UN, but to the White House as well".

"With the stroke of a pen, the President can issue an executive order to withhold all funding for the UN and refuse to allow our military to participate in any peacekeeping efforts the UN may attempt. I remind you that he can instruct the Ambassador to the UN to veto anything he feels is not in the best interest of the United States. These sir, are just some of his options. I can assure you our present president is not only capable of executing them, but if he felt he had cause would go even further."

The Envoy's repressed anger was replaced with complete understanding---the flushed anger drained from his face and was replaced with a calmer demeanor."

This story is an intense inside glimpse into the tragedy of terrorist attacks and how the victims do not retreat, but reinforced themselves with team work to not be defeated but to prove how strong defenders they are. The excitement of the characters that are committed to their urgent vow to execute payback to their enemies for their fallen heroes who dedicated their lives 24 hours, seven days a week protecting others adds stimulation to the plot. The plan for payback is the powerful conclusion to this story.

This story is broken down into easy reading chapters for there are numerous characters involved from the top to the bottom and behind the scenes in each of their lives and loved ones. It was impacting and gave insight to this reader how much we do not realized what the vets who defend our countries experience while we are sitting at home cozy, in denial or not involved . All service personnel should receive a thank you next time you see one passing you by.
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Format:Kindle Edition
Good men give their all. They are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. They do it for their country. They do it for their families. They do it because they are `The Few and The Proud'. They are Marines.

What do good men do when their government sets them up as target practice in an unwanted peacekeeping mission? What do they do when they are kept from performing their trained duties? What do good Marines do when the political hands that bind cause the deaths of hundreds of their brothers? For a few American Marines, the covert mission is more than a simple act of getting even. The operation is an act of duty and honor to fallen men.

As is the American way, even well kept secrets leak out. Politics rears its ugly head, denying any form of retribution or violent acts on a people who would just as soon see all of America destroyed. The Warriors know better. Their strike will be fast and deadly. Is it enough? Will America mourn once again?

Author, Doug Lucas writes a masterpiece of military intrigue. His hypothesis on political control over military actions is astute and frightening. The story encompasses all facets of military strife. The characters capture your mind, daring you to walk a mile in their shoes and refusing nothing less than complete involvement in their cause. You willingly surrender your mind and live the life of those who protect us, those who will not be Forgotten. I admire an author who can write with such depth and emotion. I am one reader who will certainly never forget.

Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of `Georgia's Smile', `Love's Trust', `Callie's Fate', `Love And Liberty' (now also available in print), and her most recent release `Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom - Sugarland', a children's picture book series available in kindle and print versions.

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The Servant of the God by Valerie Douglas

The three words that come to mind for this story from beginning to end with its suspense, twists, glimpses of supernatural creatures, and exploration of one would sacrifice for the people they love is sensational, passionate and fierce.  Ms. Douglas has taken Greek Gods and Goddesses and supernaturally transplanted them into the 21st century.  

The plot is in set in ancient Egypt and the two fierce characters, Irisi, who was a child of a farm family who has to learn to fend for self when her family is murdered by raiders. Her life is complex from being a slave to healer to rise as a Goddess responsible for the outcome of her land Egypt and its residents when darkness invades it.  The darkness is a mad wizard who wants to be king of Egypt and waits to be announced but then the barren sister in law is pregnant and there is a new heir appointed to the throne.  

He becomes frustrated and decides to dabble with dark magic which opens a portal to the evil underworld and makes a pact with the Devil himself to have his desires come true.   Which is to conquer Egypt and the world and become Master and for that an enemy one’s needed a powerful military. 

This grand wizard’s military is not of normal soldiers; rather it is creatures that feed and slaughter humans for entertainment.  They come in the darkness across the lands at night and one could hear the inhuman cries of the victims as the creatures feast on their delights.  All hope is lost against such formidable foes.  The priests and priestess are at a standstill and terrified of the prophesy coming true and all life will be destroyed and darkness will crush the light.

Irisi is trained in the skills of fighting tactics, taught magic spells and portions to become a healer, a supernatural warrior and finally a Goddess.

It's also a love story – with the threat from the grand wizard that if she falls in love with another, he will be murder by poison, assassin or something more sinister, it is his revenge against her.  She only has her heart attached to one a mighty warrior and soul mate, Khai, they keep their love hidden but the grand wizard is aware and now Khai is in danger. The suspense of fighting the darkness, the threat of being killed in their sleep and the future of their beloved Egypt was at stake. The Priestesses and Priests only came up with one solution and someone lives or life will have to be sacrificed. Who’s life?  Wondering who then you will have to read the chilling tale to find out more.  

The conclusion was supernatural too one has to ponder was it an ending or beginning to redemption  It leaves one with working the imaginary mind over-time or to ask Ms. Douglas is there a sequel to this story. Hopefully there is a sequel for the descriptions of the characters and their struggles brought Egypt’s past in to the present time with an added element of the supernatural and those two are alluring facts when selecting books to read.  

Also fantasy and supernatural are a good escape from the hum drum of normal life, this author will be a good choice to review, for she writes in many genres and one could probably find a story to their liking or this one to satisfy the beast in you.

In the author’s words:

"A darkness rises, oh Pharaoh to be unleashed across the world. It comes as a shadow rising in the desert laying waste to all of Egypt, scouring the earth as it passes.  Death and destruction follow in its wake, and the cries of the people of the world are terrible.  From the north comes a warrior, a crowned and golden servant of the Gods with eyes like the sky, bearing swords in hand to rise up ........"continues on……

You can go to this link to find more entertaining facts and this book http://www.amazon.com/Servant-of-the-Gods-ebook/dp/B005XMAOP6/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_i

5 stars

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Perpetual Light by Jordan K. Rose

Shadow my cat is a fan of  Jordan K. Rose too

In the author words this sums up the suspenseful tale of two powerful forces, one of light Lucia is repeatedly reincarnated to find Vittorio, who was taken by the darkness not simply because she loves him, but more because she’s a divine vampire slayer, a Pharo of Redemption, sent to kill him and bring his soul to The Light.”

This is a conflicting love/hate relationship romance story fill with intensity, hints of sexual as well as spiritual energies they both have in their existence and will use to defend or outwits their opponents. .
The two are torn apart by a deep forbidding darkness force in a flash of a moment, destined to be soul mates, in each reincarnated they meet and start where they first lose each other. Their love is deep, haunting and forever.  Except this time when she is reincarnated Lucia was given a warning by her powerful power in the other realm that her destiny cycles were in danger if she did not remember how to call for her powers and kill the darkness that was invading the light of the realms.

The darkness was the vampires who put a contract out on her and her husband may be one of them.  She will have to kill them and take them to the light for repentance to be forgiven of their transgressions.  The conflict builds with intensity as their love and hate relationship is stormy as the secrets are unveiled and they both feel betrayed.  Yet their bond is so connected they swore to forgive and protect each other with their last breaths.  The two   characters are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the other to be saved.  Definitely a page turner and one of those books you could read in one night. This reader wanted to savor every detail so it took longer but worth it. Ignoring my cat Shadow who I think was jealous I was paying attention to her so absorbed in the tale and she became a fan too.

There is vampires attacking and fighting each other to fend their loved and other who are evil desiring to conquer the light and take the last Pharos’s gifts for their own.  Question as she lays in his arms will it be her last time, will he turn her for them to be forever together or as revenge because her selfish desire and need for him left him to be a night walker for many centuries and committing unforgiving transgressions as he needed to feed.  Then his fledglings, his and her friends or foes are close to her will they deceive her and sell her to the highest bidder or rip her to shreds. 

She is torn and in emotional agony trying to comes to acceptance that these friends may be her enemies. They are the only avenue for her to learn about the vampires and their skills to have the advantage over the evil ones stalking her and innocent victims.  

Vittorio is every woman’s dream man, strong, masculine and protector, and Lucia every man’s dream woman, feline, docile yet powerful in times of desperation and confrontation.
This book will call to readers of various genres; from supernatural, paranormal and spiritual as it is a vampire tale yet there is a divinity theme throughout.  Light vs. darkness, evil vs. good and love vs. hate, tolerance vs. intolerance and believing in one’s authority’s and gifts. A powerful tale of redemption no matter what one has committed in their lifetime.

You can locate this inspiring author and her book at these links
Find Jordan on her website at www.jordankrose.com
Follow her tweets on https://twitter.com/#!/jordankrose 
Friend her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jordankrose

This came as a delightful gift on my son's 20th birthday, Thank you Jordan K. Rose and Great Minds Literary Community   http://www.greatmindsliterarycommunity.com/#    It was one of the highlights of my day. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Relieving Zoe's Virtue" Author: Eve Edwards

This author as described in her bio; Eve Edwards loves to escape into the fantasy of penning a romance. This romance story is filled with lustful scenes. It is a short riveting story about two adults, one of the earth realm and a mysterious stranger from the outer world. They have an one night affair; not realizing they were made for each other until they go back to their worlds and miss each other; The question knowing that they are of two different species should they seal their fate or should forget one another? Will the two strangers come together or depart on their separate journeys. You will have to read the story to find out.  

A Demon's Lure by Angelita Gill

 A Demon's Lure  is a fast action romance between two unlikely characters; an Under Huntress and a demon. She is a delicious fiery warrior and he is a dark mysterious demon tired of the earthy realm, deciding to leave the realm but before departing he has to have a one night stand before his departure. Except he is lure into a fate of destiny by the fiery female warrior's bravery and is enchanted by her womanly wiles and has to decide to follow his original plans or risk everything to have her to himself, always to be on the run. There are sizzling lustful scenes but rated M for mature audiences in this short but rivaling story. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Book of Psychic Symbols by Melanie Barnu

“You'll not only read this book straight through, you'll keep it as an essential handy reference guide for dreams, intuitive flashes, synchronicities and signs. "The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages" takes us on a unique journey and offers a personalized approach to developing and enhancing our natural intuition”.

This above paragraph came from the author’s Amazon page, this book is definitely an excellent guide into the psychic symbols and lingo. It is easy to read and understand each element the author speaks about. The chapters are clear and concise starting from A to and ending with Z on many topics.

The knowledge here is vital and can assist in opening your mind and become observed with all five and the sixth senses of insight and the symbols surrounding you ever day. She speaks about what signs could be calling for your attention as you journey through life. She speaks of the insight of the mind to Tarot cards and other gifts waiting to be unveiled to your third eye, about the synchronicities and the flashes we all received but in oblivious to due to, fear or too busy we let the message be ignored and the opportunity lost.

I know as a reader and a person I have these coincidences and brush them off being a busy mother and raising three children but when I do clear my mind and tune into the universe I can sense the insight; like knowing who on the other side of that phone call or if I lost an object, search little while and then leave in their hands 0f the universe and it usually will flash in my mind to look under the couch and there it is. Other times in desperation pray to the universe, or request and being patience the item or request you asked for may show up.

This author also adds in homework you thinking oh no that is boring, not this homework is expanding the senses and insights and using blank paper and writing thoughts and letting the answers came to you in a moment of meditation. This reader is experimenting like with seeing the colors of auras, the charkas, and a visualized board and sense a door is gradually opening.

Raised as Catholic this reader is afraid to dabble in these arts yet this author explains with sympathy that a supreme being and angels only want humanity to be happy and at peace. This is the Age of the Aquarius and this book has a good format and suggestions. Highly recommend this author and books to be used as a guide and there is a reference table in the back that gives glimpses into symbols we see in our dreams.

Along is the benefit of reviewing this handy reference guide to the unknown symbols calling to be recognized and could be utilized to help one progress on their life’s path. If you don’t believe this book may be the eye opener to take the step to experiment and see what is in your destiny.

Here is the link; http://www.amazon.com/The-Book-Psyc...g/dp/0738723037 to learn more about this intuitive woman and author. You can pre-order since this book publication date is scheduled for June 2012. As a beginner or advanced this is one book to place in your library if you are looking to expand your mind.

Shrouded Secrets by Joel T. McGrath

Shrouded Secrets by Joel T. McGrath is about two earthly teenagers, brother David and sister Danielle sent to visit their grandfather in New Hampshire and bored went exploring one days into the woods and find an abandoned train depot. What they did not know was they were standing on a portal to another dimension.

Meanwhile in another realm in danger of being destoryed the Almighty sent his son to seek for the purest warriors on the earthly realm and when needed to bring them back to their world to teach them lessons they would need and necessary if the two realms were going to survive it betrayal from rebels who stole the energy necessary to maintain their realm. Paul/Appollos adapts to the earthly realm and bonds with the two and the fun begins. Paul the son gave David a gift which was a means to entered into the other realm and he leaves a note telling the earth teen when the time is right he will be called to Paul's dimension, his world and the adventures will begin.

The author is writing this as a supernatural fantasy but has some lessons woven into the story, the two teenagers are going through a difficult separation the one year anniversary when they beloved step father walked out on them with no explanations.

Danielle rebelled and became difficult to handle for her single mother and her brother became the peace maker and accept all the guilt of the hurting family. He was afraid of many things in life, bullies, and other things as well as Danielle but on this adventure they both faced their fears and overcome their phobias.

They go back home to their mother and continue their reality as high school students with the regular teenagers angst, bullies, finding themselves and Danielle relaized her mom could not carried the household bills and secretly accepted a weekend job to earn her own income. The sibling rivalary between the two is normal and in secret when faced with a challenge or threat they will protect each other but denied the bond. 

Sometime months later the gift that Paul/Appollos gave activated and it lead the two teenagers to the docks to a portal to Paul's world Euruditus and now they are in danger and need to equipped themselves with their abilities to fight they hidden foes out to kill them.

The training begins as well as the adventures to train yet be on the look-out for the traitors who are hunting them to stop the two warriors from achieving their abilities and became the defenders of both realms. 

This story is about two teenagers faced with difficult choices and need to accept maturity and their destiny otherwise the home they came from Earth and the world their biological father was part of will be destroyed. This tale is a good choice for all ages it has fantasy suspense and life lessons young children could learn and for adults to become familiar with again. A summer time tale to be read at family time or to have a fun escape. 

Highly recommend and you can go to Amazon link and see for yourselves. 


4 stars

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dan Poynter's Books

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AT THE END by John Hennessy

In the author’s words;

“When I ran for Penelope, no sensor gave away my position, or alerted the dining hall full of alions of my presence. The buckles that held her down were difficult to undo, and the faster I tried to go, the longer it took, as the uncooperative buckles fought against my trembling fingers. The eyes of the alions seemed to stare directly at me. I had no idea how long the stasis cloud lasted, but with every passing second, my nerves told me they would fail soon. The straps released after a dozen CLICKS, and I snatched her up, huffing as I raced out of the room”.

This paragraph is from the story that the author wrote; as a reader I was thinking it was a supernatural story but it turn out instead to be  a novel and maybe science fiction story which was all good, scary to think that the world could be invaded by aliens. This author created his plot around teenagers all interacting with each other because something catastrophe occur to their planet.  Family and loved ones just disappear and they were left alone to survive and discovered the truth of what was occurring in their backyards. Thus the plot gets exciting as the teenagers raced to the NASA station one of the teen’s dad’s work at to seek a solution to their problems. 

The teenagers are on the run and meet others along the way and together cooperating as a team they do what they have to do to survive the mysterious creatures invading their world.  They became fighters and soldiers to fight their foes.  They want revenge for all the lives lost and they with the military hatched an agenda that takes them to outer space to fight the invaders.

There is suspense, conspiracy and adventures intertwined into this story. The author was magician in bringing each character alive and giving them remarkable personalities and even added romance into the mix. .There is drama, death yet humor and love, a touching combination to spin a chilling post-apocalyptic tale. The creativity of the elements of technology and inventions makes it more entertaining. Leaving one to ponder or imagine does the government know a secret we are not aware of.

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13614771-at-the-end-a-post-apocalyptic-novel  he is having a giveaway at this link until May 24th, I would highly recommend you go check it out if you are looking for a fast action pack story with human emotions that run the gambit to fear to love and in-between as the teenagers fight against the odds and coming to death more than once. This reader was gasping as each time a hand reached out….

Encounter with Hell by Alexis McQuillan

“During the weeks that followed, the grey wolf would show up at my house occasionally but continued to just be more of a benign presence than anything else. I would see the wolf lying under my desk, on the stairway landing, and sometimes riding shotgun in my car. But truthfully, I was much more obsessed with the house and its spirits and really didn’t give the wolf much thought. I just acknowledged its presence and continued on with my work”

This paragraph is from this haunting spirits story it is about a gusty woman and her friend who decided to investigate an alleged haunted Victorian home once belonged to the Matthews family, who all are deceased. They are mysteries in the shadows, conspiracy, murder and other secrets that the town’s folks would rather keep in the closet, in fear of the angry reproach from the ghosts residing in the home. The women are threatening and taunted by physical as well as spirit of dark energies and they may regret opening the portal to this particular home.

It is a supernatural, paranormal and detective mystery wrapped up in one tale .The character becomes obsessed with unraveling the secrets and may of met her match or beyond;

In the author’s words; “I know now that it was stalking me the way a hunter stalks its prey before going in for the kill. Every time I take the time to stop and think about the game of cat and mouse I unwittingly played with this demon, it sends chills down my spine and makes every hair on my body stand on end”

She describes that her curiosity became so overwhelming and she keep entering the house. She met this demon. It is said that he’s also the seventh son of Satan.

“I jumped out of my truck and stormed up to the house. “Amon!” I yelled. “I know you’re here, I can feel your energy! Stay away from my friends and their families, if you want to come after someone, come after me! I’m right here! But my friends and my family are off-limits! Do you understand?”

This author states she wrote this story to informed others of the dangerous predicament one can place themselves in if they decided to separate the veil between the earthly realm and the supernatural. Not all investigations are in the light, sometimes through incidents one is facing an evil menacing unseen form and she explains how to use her experience and history to face the demon and negotiate with it but is still in fear of it returning back into her life and turning it upside down with bad consequences. The people who were involved in this true one way or another received strange consequences

Author’s words; “The second reason is that the story is too important not to be told, if only to warn others of what can happen if they run into a demon. Plus, its time, I mean really time, to tell this story and go through the healing process of what happened to me. So in reality, this book is like therapy. Not a bad thing at all”.

This could be a paranormal or fantasy story, you the reader decide. This reader is going to stock her candles, Holy Water just for preventative measures. If you enjoy haunting and brave souls facing demons then this story is for you.

To find out more about this chilling tale here is the author’s link:


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In the Presence of Spirits a true story of Ghostly visits by Barbara Parks

“I am grateful for how far I have come and am lucky to have experienced what I have. We are all spirits having a human experience, and some of us have the privilege of taking an occasional peek into a dimension that is really our home. I hope that with this privilege I can offer some comfort to the bereaved, as I embark on the next phase of this wonderful journey.”

The above paragraph is from the author’s conclusion. It sums up the description of this enlightening story. A woman writes about her experiences in interacting with spirits and ghost of the departed. She starts off with her toddlerhood developing a fear of the haunting and then to experience being harassed by uninvited guests as a teenager. In her maturity she came to the insight not to be afraid but to assist the departed home to the light.

She adds in others individuals’ life experiences with their departed loved ones and her close encounters when she lost family members and close friends. She writes to bring the truth to the skeptical as well to the believers that there is life after death.

Not all spirits are unfriendly and some wanted to connected either because they are lost and confused and need directions and validation they are deceased or other who are not ready to leave this realm until they are reassured their loved ones are fine and will be able to function after their absence. 

In all it was a light tale about her experiences and feelings when relating with other’s departed loved ones and her own. She is happy to help others find their way home. There are stories of taking pictures and seeing orbs in them, visiting haunted places and accepting or running away in fear from the haunting.

This reader like the brevity at which this author is not afraid to venture into the unknown and present the evidence in a well-defined explanation of the impossible being the possible. Ask yourselves when you are distressed and sadden have you too ever experience a warm soothing comfort unseen presence surround you with the sense of love and understanding to assist you through your grieving.

As the author declares “The skeptics and the believers will never see eye to eye, at least not until we ourselves are spirits inhabiting the realms that we can only hypothesize about as mortals. Until that time, the opposing views need to be treated with respect. There is no place for ridicule or judgment from either side of the spiritual fence. What matters is that we live our lives coming from a place of love, and if that means placing ourselves on the line because of our experiences and beliefs, then so be it”.

To discover this author and her book here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/In-Presence-S...s/dp/0738733520