Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ezekiel Watch by Chris Hambleton

Is a thorough examination of the Chapter of Ezekiel verses 36-39, and other chapters and verses of the Holy Bible exploring the prophecies behind the End of Times.  He dissects each passage down and selects valid evidence of probability of how the predictions of 2000 years ago could agree with the history of the evolution of the world from the past to the present, the 21st century.  The gospel from God and the apostles could be a distorted myth or a concise warning for all to open their eyes, ears and hearts and listen to the whispers and be aware of the signs of the times as a the beginning of birth pangs contradicting. 

From 2000 plus to the present years; The Holy Bible has been like a timeline, showing the course of all the disasters and wars that have invaded the Middle East to across the seas to Europe and America.  He discusses about the insane leaders who rose to power only mission was to execute the Jewish and other what they deem inferior people.   He also speaks of the history of the promise/covenant with Abraham. Isaac and Jacob of Israel from the Almighty of protecting Israel and her children, the gathering of all the Jewish children from around the world to bring them home once again with the creation of a new statehood, Israel in 1948.  God speaks of his love yet his aberrance for the disobedience of the wayward children and the murderers of innocent souls, and justice will be His vengeance.

The author is knowledgeable and discusses the possible outcome of the End of times; starting with countries and nation could be leading the fighting over the land and resources between the nations.  The discovery of a new energy source off the coast and the dying kingdom of Russia who  appears to be a strong front but decaying from the inside to the outside, they destroyed all future heirs by massive abortion and may plan an attack to seized Israel for their own agenda and gain power with all of her foes. Describing the past weaponry as the future weaponry and the strategic approach of how the foes will barge into their enemies lands and try to overtake them using supernatural or nuclear ammunition. The Almighty will protect His children but they will be a loss of millions of lives if His children do not respect the covenant of walking in His commandments. 

This book is written in a logical approach and shows many ways of the crumbling of the Americas and European nations, financially, and spiritual with anti-Semitism and radical Islam rising around the world as the Muslim population is growing by leaps and bounds and cursing the Christians, the terrorism and they pledge to want to push the residents of Israel in the seas are all harbingers of the present timeline.

This was a serious book yet it is written with compassion and as an alert to be prepare just in case of the prophesy coming true.  He also added another element this reader has not thought about; the fallen angels could be disguised as aliens to manipulative the sleeping sheep into believing that Jesus Christ is the enemy.  Watch for false prophets and do not believe everything one preaching.  Remember America is titled the Second Israel and she may be under the watchful eye of the Almighty and He may persecute her if the people do not turn from their wicked ways. 

In 2001, the revival was beginning, but then people became distracted by the political and patriotism   of the country and ignored the call for repentance. This author is concern and has written fiction and religion books to let the people understand there is still time to be prepared;

This book is for the believer and the non-believer, it should be utilized as a reference and manual to be stored in a safe place with break glass in case of emergency because you never know; messengers are sent from everywhere and this one and his thorough investigation may be one to listen to; He is not writing based on his research but adds in other worldly scholars who are also dedicated to break the codes and alert the masses to be ready for this may be the last or our children's generation to savor the earth's glory and praise the Creator.

Chris Hambleton can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.com and has his own website; Goggle his name 
or Ezekiel Watch and you may open a portal that will change your life.

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