Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Book of Psychic Symbols by Melanie Barnu

“You'll not only read this book straight through, you'll keep it as an essential handy reference guide for dreams, intuitive flashes, synchronicities and signs. "The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages" takes us on a unique journey and offers a personalized approach to developing and enhancing our natural intuition”.

This above paragraph came from the author’s Amazon page, this book is definitely an excellent guide into the psychic symbols and lingo. It is easy to read and understand each element the author speaks about. The chapters are clear and concise starting from A to and ending with Z on many topics.

The knowledge here is vital and can assist in opening your mind and become observed with all five and the sixth senses of insight and the symbols surrounding you ever day. She speaks about what signs could be calling for your attention as you journey through life. She speaks of the insight of the mind to Tarot cards and other gifts waiting to be unveiled to your third eye, about the synchronicities and the flashes we all received but in oblivious to due to, fear or too busy we let the message be ignored and the opportunity lost.

I know as a reader and a person I have these coincidences and brush them off being a busy mother and raising three children but when I do clear my mind and tune into the universe I can sense the insight; like knowing who on the other side of that phone call or if I lost an object, search little while and then leave in their hands 0f the universe and it usually will flash in my mind to look under the couch and there it is. Other times in desperation pray to the universe, or request and being patience the item or request you asked for may show up.

This author also adds in homework you thinking oh no that is boring, not this homework is expanding the senses and insights and using blank paper and writing thoughts and letting the answers came to you in a moment of meditation. This reader is experimenting like with seeing the colors of auras, the charkas, and a visualized board and sense a door is gradually opening.

Raised as Catholic this reader is afraid to dabble in these arts yet this author explains with sympathy that a supreme being and angels only want humanity to be happy and at peace. This is the Age of the Aquarius and this book has a good format and suggestions. Highly recommend this author and books to be used as a guide and there is a reference table in the back that gives glimpses into symbols we see in our dreams.

Along is the benefit of reviewing this handy reference guide to the unknown symbols calling to be recognized and could be utilized to help one progress on their life’s path. If you don’t believe this book may be the eye opener to take the step to experiment and see what is in your destiny.

Here is the link; to learn more about this intuitive woman and author. You can pre-order since this book publication date is scheduled for June 2012. As a beginner or advanced this is one book to place in your library if you are looking to expand your mind.

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