Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perpetual Light by Jordan K. Rose

Shadow my cat is a fan of  Jordan K. Rose too

In the author words this sums up the suspenseful tale of two powerful forces, one of light Lucia is repeatedly reincarnated to find Vittorio, who was taken by the darkness not simply because she loves him, but more because she’s a divine vampire slayer, a Pharo of Redemption, sent to kill him and bring his soul to The Light.”

This is a conflicting love/hate relationship romance story fill with intensity, hints of sexual as well as spiritual energies they both have in their existence and will use to defend or outwits their opponents. .
The two are torn apart by a deep forbidding darkness force in a flash of a moment, destined to be soul mates, in each reincarnated they meet and start where they first lose each other. Their love is deep, haunting and forever.  Except this time when she is reincarnated Lucia was given a warning by her powerful power in the other realm that her destiny cycles were in danger if she did not remember how to call for her powers and kill the darkness that was invading the light of the realms.

The darkness was the vampires who put a contract out on her and her husband may be one of them.  She will have to kill them and take them to the light for repentance to be forgiven of their transgressions.  The conflict builds with intensity as their love and hate relationship is stormy as the secrets are unveiled and they both feel betrayed.  Yet their bond is so connected they swore to forgive and protect each other with their last breaths.  The two   characters are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the other to be saved.  Definitely a page turner and one of those books you could read in one night. This reader wanted to savor every detail so it took longer but worth it. Ignoring my cat Shadow who I think was jealous I was paying attention to her so absorbed in the tale and she became a fan too.

There is vampires attacking and fighting each other to fend their loved and other who are evil desiring to conquer the light and take the last Pharos’s gifts for their own.  Question as she lays in his arms will it be her last time, will he turn her for them to be forever together or as revenge because her selfish desire and need for him left him to be a night walker for many centuries and committing unforgiving transgressions as he needed to feed.  Then his fledglings, his and her friends or foes are close to her will they deceive her and sell her to the highest bidder or rip her to shreds. 

She is torn and in emotional agony trying to comes to acceptance that these friends may be her enemies. They are the only avenue for her to learn about the vampires and their skills to have the advantage over the evil ones stalking her and innocent victims.  

Vittorio is every woman’s dream man, strong, masculine and protector, and Lucia every man’s dream woman, feline, docile yet powerful in times of desperation and confrontation.
This book will call to readers of various genres; from supernatural, paranormal and spiritual as it is a vampire tale yet there is a divinity theme throughout.  Light vs. darkness, evil vs. good and love vs. hate, tolerance vs. intolerance and believing in one’s authority’s and gifts. A powerful tale of redemption no matter what one has committed in their lifetime.

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This came as a delightful gift on my son's 20th birthday, Thank you Jordan K. Rose and Great Minds Literary Community    It was one of the highlights of my day. 

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