Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shrouded Secrets by Joel T. McGrath

Shrouded Secrets by Joel T. McGrath is about two earthly teenagers, brother David and sister Danielle sent to visit their grandfather in New Hampshire and bored went exploring one days into the woods and find an abandoned train depot. What they did not know was they were standing on a portal to another dimension.

Meanwhile in another realm in danger of being destoryed the Almighty sent his son to seek for the purest warriors on the earthly realm and when needed to bring them back to their world to teach them lessons they would need and necessary if the two realms were going to survive it betrayal from rebels who stole the energy necessary to maintain their realm. Paul/Appollos adapts to the earthly realm and bonds with the two and the fun begins. Paul the son gave David a gift which was a means to entered into the other realm and he leaves a note telling the earth teen when the time is right he will be called to Paul's dimension, his world and the adventures will begin.

The author is writing this as a supernatural fantasy but has some lessons woven into the story, the two teenagers are going through a difficult separation the one year anniversary when they beloved step father walked out on them with no explanations.

Danielle rebelled and became difficult to handle for her single mother and her brother became the peace maker and accept all the guilt of the hurting family. He was afraid of many things in life, bullies, and other things as well as Danielle but on this adventure they both faced their fears and overcome their phobias.

They go back home to their mother and continue their reality as high school students with the regular teenagers angst, bullies, finding themselves and Danielle relaized her mom could not carried the household bills and secretly accepted a weekend job to earn her own income. The sibling rivalary between the two is normal and in secret when faced with a challenge or threat they will protect each other but denied the bond. 

Sometime months later the gift that Paul/Appollos gave activated and it lead the two teenagers to the docks to a portal to Paul's world Euruditus and now they are in danger and need to equipped themselves with their abilities to fight they hidden foes out to kill them.

The training begins as well as the adventures to train yet be on the look-out for the traitors who are hunting them to stop the two warriors from achieving their abilities and became the defenders of both realms. 

This story is about two teenagers faced with difficult choices and need to accept maturity and their destiny otherwise the home they came from Earth and the world their biological father was part of will be destroyed. This tale is a good choice for all ages it has fantasy suspense and life lessons young children could learn and for adults to become familiar with again. A summer time tale to be read at family time or to have a fun escape. 

Highly recommend and you can go to Amazon link and see for yourselves. 

4 stars

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