Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Presence of Spirits a true story of Ghostly visits by Barbara Parks

“I am grateful for how far I have come and am lucky to have experienced what I have. We are all spirits having a human experience, and some of us have the privilege of taking an occasional peek into a dimension that is really our home. I hope that with this privilege I can offer some comfort to the bereaved, as I embark on the next phase of this wonderful journey.”

The above paragraph is from the author’s conclusion. It sums up the description of this enlightening story. A woman writes about her experiences in interacting with spirits and ghost of the departed. She starts off with her toddlerhood developing a fear of the haunting and then to experience being harassed by uninvited guests as a teenager. In her maturity she came to the insight not to be afraid but to assist the departed home to the light.

She adds in others individuals’ life experiences with their departed loved ones and her close encounters when she lost family members and close friends. She writes to bring the truth to the skeptical as well to the believers that there is life after death.

Not all spirits are unfriendly and some wanted to connected either because they are lost and confused and need directions and validation they are deceased or other who are not ready to leave this realm until they are reassured their loved ones are fine and will be able to function after their absence. 

In all it was a light tale about her experiences and feelings when relating with other’s departed loved ones and her own. She is happy to help others find their way home. There are stories of taking pictures and seeing orbs in them, visiting haunted places and accepting or running away in fear from the haunting.

This reader like the brevity at which this author is not afraid to venture into the unknown and present the evidence in a well-defined explanation of the impossible being the possible. Ask yourselves when you are distressed and sadden have you too ever experience a warm soothing comfort unseen presence surround you with the sense of love and understanding to assist you through your grieving.

As the author declares “The skeptics and the believers will never see eye to eye, at least not until we ourselves are spirits inhabiting the realms that we can only hypothesize about as mortals. Until that time, the opposing views need to be treated with respect. There is no place for ridicule or judgment from either side of the spiritual fence. What matters is that we live our lives coming from a place of love, and if that means placing ourselves on the line because of our experiences and beliefs, then so be it”.

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