Monday, April 30, 2012

Thy Kingdom Come Piercing the Scared Veil by Mia DiDio

This story is a personal invitation into the afterlife, of a writer, former paranormal researcher who passion is unearthing objects and ghosts. On one trip she met her challenge one eerily night in an abandoned cemetery. This time it was not a friendly lost spirit looking to cross over to the light. It was an evil spirit looking to bond with a flesh human. He zoomed in on her and waiting for her next visit to communicate through her tech devices.

They had a friendly exchange except he hitches a ride in her SUV back to her home. Peter the spirit, possibly alleged to be the Apostle Peter who denial Jesus three times before the crow crows before sunrise. He was damn to Hell and was Satan’s puppet. It invades her mind and home.

This enmity became obsessed with this paranormal researcher. Using her cameras and sound devices and one’s night event she turned it on and taped something very chilling and evil, and when finally listening to it realized weeks later there was an uninvited guest (s) in her home.

She became frightened and seeking assistance was lead on her destiny path to become a 21st century recorder and with computer technology, a messenger and writer to informed the masses that there is proven evidence that there is a spiritual warfare occurring and Satan like a wolf is hunting for lost souls.

She opens the story with her beliefs about her faith and then continues the plot into her adventure and experience in acknowledging the presence of friendly yet evil spirits and that she was walking a dangerous path. She also tells of her past and her reasons as why she is on this path she is walking on and where it is leading her in the future.

In her words;

“Rightly so, I cannot run through the halls of this sanctified cathedral screaming for protection, shrieking as a wild woman that something is in my house. Something invisible. Something wicked. Something that just puffed three times in my ear and thinks it was amusing. As if a movie camera were rolling, something wanted my soul, only this was worse. This held some kind of long standing history in place. A history I knew nothing about and these beings, on either side of the divide, so bold that they were, knew me by both of my names.

They speak about me in their realms of good and evil. Surely I must compose myself. I cannot go into this subdued house of worship, in this sleepy little lake town and wail on about how I may have brought this problem to the forefront of my existence”.

This author is sharing intimate details of fleeting conversations between good and evil. Some readers will be skeptical about the communication between the seven angels she called upon in her hour of darkness. Yet one only has to think about times when one felt an unseen presence helping them through a difficult time or emergency, just can’t be coincidences all the time. She gives glimpses into the spiritual battle between the angels and demons. They are fleeting sentences and words, but so much meaning behind them, if you read in between them carefully.

She also in the back of the book gives a glossary of the terminology and names of angels which could become spiritual ammunition to have just in case.

This book could be both, an entertaining fantasy or an invitation to open your mind to the impossible becoming the possible. This is the decade of awakening and if this author is a vessel to communicate a message I would be following her future publications as she is promising to write more on this topic and invite readers into a supernatural world and prepare for the battle upon the horizons.

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