Friday, April 27, 2012

Zadar by Sarah Jo Easton is a delightful fairy kingdom tale where once upon a time there was a supreme being who thought of creating a world and was lonely so he created four races of dragons, one for water, one for fire, one for earth and the last for wind.  They were of the same race except for their abilities.  The world was missing one vital element light and an incident occurs to allow this to be created only through passing the powers to be to the next heir of the kingdom. But for the last ten years there was a loophole and the throne was abducted by  the darkness, an embittered daughter who was the fire Queen she was able to claim the title upon transference  of the throne  and taught the kingdom  about the emotions of hatred and she declared laws that all are inferior except the pure. 

The kingdom was divided and they used the lies against others.  Until one the event when a dragon and human children became victims of the Queen’s hatred and no one would protect them until the mighty son of the fire dragon and others colorful characters united to rescue all from her bullying them.

The plot continues when the exchange occurs and the ruling throne was abandoned and the evil Fire Queen sneaks in and took authority.  Now she was full of hatred and demanded all inferior children and humans were to become slaves to her and the other superiors of the kingdom.  The earth dragon and human girl became friends along the mighty Delbralfi son of the Fire Queen.  

This trio are the main characters who break the hold over them and the kingdom.  The inferior earth child dragon, a healer who is not allowed to use her powers is a slave she uses her wits to live for another day. She acts cheery around the embittered Queen faking her happiness which confused the Queen.  Thinking how a useless creature could be happy around others full of hate. 

The human was unique and now she by the head leader of water, the father Deyraeno of the five hatchling who was not afraid of the Fire Queen decided to break the laws and invited Jena, the human child to the ceremony of bonding with the hatchings in a special ceremony where other   wait to bond with a hatchling.  Everyone in the kingdom believed humans could never bond but all are in for a surprise as she enters into the leyr to begin the ceremony.

In the author’s words

“The first thing Jena noticed was Rulsaesan, the mother of the eggs. She was hard to miss, as her skin had a vibrant saffron glow, and on the end of her tail was a bright orb that lit up the entire Leyr Grounds. The orb symbolized that she was a Child of Light, and if she had her proper title, she would be called Leyrque, the heart of the Sandleyr  and true ruler of the Onizards. 

But when the former Leyrque died under mysterious circumstances, no Onizard gained the form of a Child of Light and, since Rulsaesan could not control her powers of ultimate empathy alone, the Fire Queen had taken over the Sandleyr”.

In the ceremony, the son of fire was able to bond with one of the hatchling.   Next it was Jena’s turn.  

In the author’s words;

"drown! Jena debated running toward Deyraeno, but stopped when she realized that in the confusion, everyone had ignored the last hatchling, a Child of Wind. He was already in water close to his neck, and he was desperately trying to get toward the shallower water near Jena. Quickly, she ran out until the water was deep…”

Jena rescue the fourth dragon but the 5th  hatchling   injured  where the wall fell upon his leg was left to die in the raising rain storm waters.  The father was scheming to rescue his baby against the Queen’s rules but first he had to save the human and hide her for risking her life to save a baby.  The injured called out to her and bravely she jumped into the high waters and rescued the injured creature.  This creature became her bonded and ally.  Now they both need to go into hiding for disobeying the Queen.

The adventure continues from there along with lessons of morality and what actions are right and wrong and the consequences of hate to love, good vs. evil and to accept everyone for who they are, do not judged a book or a dragon and human as indicated in this cute little fable.  Highly recommend this tale for all ages. 

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