Friday, April 27, 2012

Journey to Terreldor, By Chris M. Hibbard

In the author's words;

"His next words are burnt clearly into my memory, though they meant nothing to me as he first spoke them. Certain I’d misunderstood, I repeated them over in my mind several times as the head councilman waited patiently. Though they sound like nonsense, I’ll produce these words of his exactly as I remember them. “You traveled to our world through the Path. Our worlds exist in different dimensions, or at least very far apart in space—we cannot know for sure. The Path is a link between them, and it is unstable. The last time we know the link to our world was open, it was about a century ago from our perspective, and, judging by your appearances, won’t open on your end for another five or ten years in your future".

 This is a story about two brothers somehow entered into a mysterious land where a princess and the royal guard are held hostage by trolls and the two brothers helped them escape. The princess is grateful and wants to introduce the boys to her father and kingdom. This king is a wise man and he has laws and morals that all should obey. His Captain is very knowledgeable and thinks through every situation before acting. The younger brother Mark shows promised to be enlisted into the secret knighthood but he has to be tested first in the morals and temptations the world live by. He is tested their incidents and events from fighting trolls to protecting the Captain of the Royal Guards against the foes.

On their journey to the healing mineral waters the Captain is responsible to tutor Mark in their ways and show him teaching him which was the right choice to be decided in times of need. There is a lot of adventure as the characters fight off their enemies as they cross the lands to their destiny.

The author is writing in a style of a fantasy and supernatural weaving tales, fables and prophesy together to entertain the reader with the possibilities of what if. Maturity is a growing process and without the right mentors and wisdom some individuals become lost and trapped in immaturity and develop false hoods to believe in never reaching their fullest potential. This is a story about two brothers struggling in a foreign land and learning to become leaders and scouts preparing to fight against the enemy, the duke who conspired against the wise king and created a military of troll rebels who hatred the human race and wanted them to be extinguished.

This tale threads with the values of compassionate, humility and forgiveness.

It has a strategic agenda of governmental laws and using the secrets tables of wisdom and values that all should live by to grow into respectful individuals. The two boys are faced with many dilemmas and need to think of their next action and the consequences of their decisions. This is a delight tale with messages of wisdom thread through out and should be placed on the reading list for others, especially young children and teenagers to read and discuss. The author concludes it was an undiscovered manuscript written by a father whose family was not aware he was creating a masterpiece and teaching book in a C.S. Lewis style. A lost land full with mystery and adventure that takes the reader on a thrilling ride into maturity while having fun sharing with others and the possibility of a continuing series about the two boys journey to become warriors and defeat the trolls or bring the human and trolls into an unity to live as one in the land of Terreldor.

 Highly recommend this book to let your imagination go on a new journey of suspense and have an adventure while growing into the knowledge of maturity. To find out about this author and book (s) and more you can go to this link;

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