Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Necro Device by M. T. Dismuke

The story starts off innocent with the plot of families enjoying a day at the Circus. The audience is watching the Mandiev boys performing they are the main attraction, all acting on cue completing terrifying acts and the crowd is caught up in the thrill and fear of what will happen next. The tension is building and the last performance of the night was to be the grand finale. Except something terrifying goes wrong and now some people are injured or killed. The brothers’ lives are extinguished in one explosive moment or are they?. The plot advances to the future and the town where the performers had their mansion. The town folks think the mansion should be razed and the land dedicated as a memorial for the tragedy of the day long ago.

 An innocent family, father, mother and 21 year old daughter are hired with the responsibility to build the mansion back to its former glory days. They quickly are in the midst of the anger and hatred of the community not aware how dangerous their lives are about to become because the broker of the mansion was a greedy man and has secrets he does not want unveiled just yet. The father and daughter are at each other throats and she decides to take a break, goes to a local pub with all the town’s folks drinking and watching her closely. The daughter is blind-sided by two strangers into drinking and playing pool, but they have other games on their minds. They tell her about the massacre and in the author’s words give her a warning;

 “Yeah. They used their minds…” Scott says. “They didn’t use their minds!” Bill exclaims, “They breathed fire… Anyways, the bottom line is the place has some sort of curse and everyone knows about it in these parts, and if I was you, I’d not stick around for long. Lots of people here don’t want that place restored. They all fear something bad will come of it.”

The plot continues with the daughter leaving to college leaving mom and dad behind to finish the renovations. While they are working on getting the mansion prepared for it grand opening as a historical landmark for the greedy broker, since they are behind the scenes contracts and secrets, everyone is acting vague and strange incidents starting occurring. Mary the wife is already on edge and has her own personal demons to fight is in the middle of the mystery which is only going to become darker and weirder as the opening date is to be announced The author is hinting at ghosts and spirits and Mary’s behaviour is becoming more erratic toward the males and cooking strange foods for the workers and husband. The anger between the married couple is becoming dangerous close to violence.

The story continues with the eerily twists and horror that made the reader’s mouth so dried, but too absorbed in the story to go get a drink of water. Taking a break coming back to the story and realizes this is a combination of supernatural fantasy and science-fiction mixed into one tale. This story is for age 18 and over with the complex details which are very graphic and chilling. There is back stabbing, betrayal, and conspiracy among all parties involved. The writer’ style had this reader compelled to find out who will survive the Necro Device and the conclusion blew the mind. Some details has to be re-read to grasp the gist of the story which is not bad because it gave the plot a different perspective, seeing it from a fantasy, supernatural or science fiction view; either way it is a very entertaining out of the world type of writing and was enjoyed by this reader, happy with the ending, not sure if it was a happy ever after one or a sadistic one, that decision will be up to the next reader.

 It has the realm of light and darkness written throughout the tale, touching all facets of the human personality from revenge to love and in-between. The vivid description of all events and incidents were taunting as each character suffer through their own personal conclusion. Looking to escape reality and the obligations for a while then definitely review this author and his works. He is differently a unique madman or genius creator. If you are a reader who enjoys Twilight Zone tales then this book is for you.

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