Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Legends of the Lake by Philip Nork

This a quaint story about a family, the Krons, and their generational memories starting with the great grandparents to the last generation's character, beginning in the earlier 1900’s and concluding in 1984,  describing their colorful life details and  traditions, ending with the character coming back on his 50th birthday to relish the lasting memories of his past.

It opens with Great Grandpa Kron and his dream to purchase a cottage. It is a warm story about a generational family history starting out in the early 1900's and begins with the great grandfather's travels from Chicago to Wisconsin. It describes his accomplishments along the way for himself and his family’s future success, such as leaving behind a property for others to benefit from...  The great grandfather was presented with a deal from a land broker to buy land to build a house upon and he purchases it to begin his new life. 

The story continues in a comforting style about the great grandfather and the next in line visiting the cottage and creating memories. It starts with Eddie and his wife Connie planning their lives and how they purchased the cottage and how it was built. The obstacles they faced preparing to relocate from Chicago to Wisconsin and set up a family summer retreat, later it became their retirement paradise.

As a reader I would describe this as a quaint story about one family's life and their traditions of one family’s memories of gathering together every summer to enjoy each other’s company. It continues with glimpses of each character’s memories throughout the timeline of the early 1900’s to the late 1980's. It speaks of speakeasy and prohibition, the baseball teams, the depression and other events that took place during the 20th century.

The author writes details about getting their first car, building and enjoying the cottage, the three children and their children and so on. It explores the ideal country life they lived and continues with the next generation’s events and etc. He tells about the progression of the growth of the community and outlines interesting historical facts of events that may have changed the course of history.

The author in his unique style describes vivid scenes of the Wisconsin countryside, the smell of fresh cut grass, the old fashioned traditions of sitting on the porch drinking lemonade with a mint leaf and the summer antics of a large family gathered in one place. Also speaks of the daily interaction between members sharing their times of maturity and life lessons. The story continues into the 1940's to the 1950's describing the family and their events as they gather together for family outings.
In the author's words

"This was how the summer weekends were spent in Wisconsin throughout the years of the early 1950’s. But later in the decade, something would happen which would change the Kron family forever."
The story continues that a great business opportunity was lost, then there was the family argument that separate three cousins and changed the family traditions at the cottage for a while.

The author touches upon historical discoveries and facts the family members experienced in their maturing years and explores taboo subjects.

This reader would describe this book as a lazy Sunday drive through time, involving generational memories and  shares the joy and sorrows of the legends of the lake, until the late 1980's when the last of the family lineage passed on and the family decided to sell the cottage.

In a summary this is a gentleman's flashback of his past and  how much one takes everyday rituals for granted and then when everyone passes on, all they have are the memories to draw upon. He describes subconsciously, the mind is like a camera and the photos of life flash through, stored deep in the cervices to keep one warm and peaceful.  Also to appreciate every moment, to live it to the fullest, for life is too short and one should appreciate their loved ones and create memories to wrap around one in their later years while sitting on a porch drinking cold lemonade and watched the sun set setting over the countryside.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michelle Matkins Books, Videos and Sweet Scents Enjoy

Something's Fishy in Palm Springs: An Aggie Underhill Mystery by Michelle Ann Hollstein (Author)

This is A Who done it Mystery story with many twists and intrigue. It starts off with character Tiffany having a nightmare awakening to find that her nightmare came true and what she fear the most happen. She is an owner of a dating service with a reputation of matching couples together by creating personal profiles of common interest and brings them together. She herself dabbles with a stranger who was vague and cancelled meeting her, so after a two year Internet relationship she broke it off. He was not a happy camper and became a stalker planning to captive his love and have her married him, and eliminating the competition.

In the mix is a shady gangster, drug lord who has motives of his own and sends his scared employee to the USA to track down the purchaser of a rare fish and he will do anything have this most cherished prize, a specialized import rare fish which is declare to bring luck to their owner. It is one of its own kind and is an important element to the plot; thus the name of the book.

Roger a home designer and the owner of the rare fish also used the internet to connect with a long lost relative, Betty who resided in England and lives with her close friend, Aggie. Betty connects with him and they arranged for the two charming Brits ladies to come to America for a vacation and visit family. These two lovely ladies are entertaining as they travelled from England to California and become involved in the investigation; Betty helping Roger deal with his crisis's and still holds the best party to show off his talents. He is a nervous wreck when his fish goes missing, finding the surprise in his pool and other details that keep the reader compelled to turn the pages.

While Aggie acts like an undercover sleuth following the clues. This is where the fun begins and twists occur like in a complex Agatha Christie's type mystery or Aggie Underhill mystery. Odd incidents and events occurred and lead Aggie, a persistent and curious investigator to desire to unravel the clues to the strange occurrences. She is determined to solve the mystery of the missing Tiffany, the missing fish and the attempted murderous plot on Lance. There is suspense, drama and even humor in this intense mystery as the seasoned investigator gets herself in some tricky situations, that makes the reader ponder if she will be caught or escape before the kidnapper realizes she is snooping in places she should not be in.

The best part of the plot is the author taunts the reader to the end trying to guess who done it, asking self is there more than one person. Also was asking self if someone was a Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Hyde for a moment. Characters who are suspects, is it Roger, Lance, Jeff, or the two women and how are they all are participants of this intriguing plot?.

Off course there is the bonus of a fluffy white dog and the mysticism wolves that were there to eat or protect Tiffany that was a delight. Any story with humans and animals are always entertaining.

In the author's words:

Aggie scooped up the squirming little fluff ball from Shawn's arms and rushed through the living room, dining room and entered the eating area, to the sliding glass doors that were somewhat hidden behind a white drape.

Just then a shrill scream could be heard over the conversating crowd as the back sliding glass door slid open and Linda entered, her checks streaked with tears.

It's horrible! Just horrible! she cried hysterically.

Instinctively Aggie put her free arm around Linda's shoulders. The dog was wiggling miserably in her other arm.

Now, now dear, Aggie said softly. "What is it?"

You can find this delightful short read and other books by this author at her
Amazon link:

http://www.amazon.com/Somethings-Fishy-Palm-Springs-ebook/dp/B002NX0GJC/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital- text&ie=UTF8&qid=1341786035&sr=1-1&keywords=something+fishy+in+Palm+Springs%3A+An+aggie+Underhill

Friday, July 27, 2012

WISHBONE by Brooklyn Hudson,

Ms. Hudson's Book, Wishbone can only be described with the famous seven words of the English language, eight actually, phenomenal and seven words that starts with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is what I have to express about this wicked plot, that knocks off your socks one moment and then has you shaking in your boots the next. It is a suspenseful thriller with twists you did not see coming. Definitely in my top list for a memorable book and recommend horror readers to keep tabs on this amazing author who I would not be surprised to see her name on the NY Times Best Seller's List in the near future. Now this reader is off to finished my delicious chicken and make a wish with the bone; reading this book is my wish come true. 5+ stars.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

You’re Never Alone, A Child of Divorce Searches for Happiness by Philip Nork, Jr.

 This is the author's description of his book Never Alone:

"Growing up is difficult. It can be a lonely and frightening experience if you let it. It’s even harder if your parents are divorced and you think you have no one to talk to, no one who cares and no one who even knows you’re alive. And although there are times when you’ll do things you know aren’t correct, remember you’re never alone. In life each of us is on a journey. It’s filled with questions and answers, rights and wrongs; choices and lessons. It often goes by the name “self discovery.” No two lives can ever be totally the same, nor are any two journeys; like fingerprints, yours is totally unique to you. But there is one common bond in all of our paths and that is the presence of other people. How you decide to perceive, interact with, and learn from them greatly shapes the true you that will emerge."

This is a personal biography of a young boy growing into a happy adjusted child until the tragedy hits, his parent decided to get divorce, the happy go lucky extrovert child loses all senses of himself and where he belong in the world. He had mentors and loving grandparents but when his family is torn apart so is his reality. To add the importance of this book; as a reader I am aware there are statistics about divorce families,about the negative consequences; it is usually is about the female child and the negative effects that occurs to her; she becomes the daughter of separate parents and becomes lost. Looking for security and trying to find her lost self that has been stripped her she usually goes towards the addictions of a party life, alcohol, drug and sexual intimacy to fill in the missing parent. Looking for a father replacement  in all the wrong places, and has regrets about her impulsive actions. Some lost children find their way  back home and others become lost in the darkness.

This author has written a sentimental poignant story from a male child's point of observation. He decided he is not going to be like the other dysfunctional males in his life, the one who treated women with no respect  uses and discards them. He values his grandmother's advice and his beliefs in his faith and starts a journey to be a better man and a loving man.

 Beginning his journey to  discover what is his purpose in life is and discovers it is to share his insights  with every woman he meets from child to adulthood. Giving the reader a glimpse of the ones he meets along the way and what each share to become better individuals. He thought he was teaching them a lesson, but in return they were teaching  him life lessons about values, humility, compassion, respect, trust and other vital integrity elements all men need to attain to become well developed individuals. In his book he outlines his theories and rules how one can become a compassionate individual through life stories. Explaining on his journey of self exploration he discovers how to divide himself from how society’s sees him and what he wanted to mature into and desires to share the discoveries with others. 

In this emotional observation each encounter he has with a female, be a stranger,friend and/or lover of diversity, he extracts the positive qualities from each and creates a lesson and rule about how to be a complete male not afraid of his feminine side, the yin and the yang of all babies when they are born. The male and female personality which society dictates for each gender creating confusion and the opposite sex but  to be deny their opposite traits of their gender identification, and stay with the sex stereotype view they were born as. Females are to be all sweet and sugar, or males, rough and tumble. As a survivor of a broken relationship  from my spouse, I was reminder of my middle son's personality transformation, when he was younger he had those feminine traits and I thought he will be a sweet, romantic and sensitive boyfriend and husband for he understood what a woman needed, to be treated with respect and a relationship is a two way connection. But as time passed and he matured the peer pressure he experienced, made him deny those traits and turned towards the male perspective of society, hiding that yin of his existence, and  I cried silently but let him go to be his own person with the muscularity traits as his own, once in awhile I see the sweetness that is hidden behind that rough man exterior.   

The author explores these qualities and on his journey discovers the truths and incorporates them into his personality. Explaining his theories of how unity helps a relationship to blossom, like a gardener tending to his flower, with tender care and respect. If there were more people like him and parents and society did not deny but allowed the yin (female) and yang (male) traits to be accepted in each gender then there would be less domestic violence, less divorce and more loving balance in the dynamics of the family unit. 

As a reader one can observed this author during his growing challenges was able to keep his yin and yang traits of his personality intact and write a story about his experiences and his insight about how each person that walked in and out of his life added a special contribution to his life and the meaning of the exchange he had with them; His purpose was to help each one developed into a more confident individual and not be afraid to explore the positive and negatives of finding their own identity during personal storms such as divorce and other circumstances. 

He also touched lightly upon his faith and insecurities all young people faced when they are navigating through the trials of what one calls life. This is a very insightful, emotional and educational story about the lessons one learns in their journey to self-discovery. This could be a study aid for parents and young people to explore together. A start to have an open discussion about the insecurities one faces when they are travelling on the road of discovering themselves, others and what each person needs to absorb into the consciousness awareness to be able to attain compassion and insight in human nature . The most valuable lesson; to accept the yin and yang traits on becoming a whole person  and have respect for one another and bring harmony, not dysfunctional attitudes to the forefront of humanity's existence . 

You can find this and other thoughtful insight books about life's challenges at this link http://www.amazon.com/Youre-Never-Alone-Searches-Happiness/dp/1467928461/ref=cm_rdp_product_img

I was given this eBook in exchange for honest review from the author.

4 Stars

Friday, July 20, 2012

Past of a Marked Man by Jennifer Hirtler

In the author's words:

"They hated me for the crime of another. They ran out of fear for a spectre. They betrayed me for a mark on my skin. They had nothing to fear from me, but I decided that I would see that fear be put to use. If I could not live my life honorably without being reviled, then I would not. If they feared me, I decided, they should have a reason. No ghost, no spectre, no name was going to be the cause of their hatred for me. I would give them something to fear that had a name. I would give substance to that spectre. I would give fangs to the monster they perceived. I knew at that moment that I must avenge my parents, but furthermore, I knew I must avenge myself. To achieve these goals I would do what I had been putting off for a long, long time. I would become the thing I hated most of all. I discarded the name Herod on that day. I was no longer Herod Basiv.  I was, and I am, Kagnos".

The above paragraph is from the book; this is a great story, it is so active with imagination and captures the reader's attention. The saga of the assassin's  life,  Kagnos and the High Priest's Zunna and  Mitchell the Priest who is given the assignment of being a recorder sent to record the story of a the most fearful man in the land, The highest assassin that ever lived. He was rumor to be a murderer with no soul or consciousness, and lived in the most abomination of a city full with thieves and murderers who were society’s throw always.  No one in regular society would acknowledge this man and the residents, he and they were considered the scum of the land and were fear.

As commander of this city, he lived his evil reputation but there was a thread of consciousness and compassion underneath his tough exterior and only a few selected know the real man and warrior.
In the story the Priest Mitchell was assigned as a recorder of the assassin's life and has to unraveled the skeletons in this man’s closet. On the journey across harsh lands and friendly places he slowly comes to the truth of discovered the true skeletons in this killer's closet, some dead and some still living and he is stunned by the truths that are unveiled in the darkness. 

He is on a mission for the high Priest and Goddess and no obstacle from thieves, no shelter, to his friend almost losing his life unless they locate a true healer with the right portion in time and other exciting adventures will not stop this undefeatable young warrior to complete his assignment.

On his assignment he discovers Kagnos was hiding for he was a wounded child of parents murdered by assassins and he was marked with their symbol and was the last one surviving the brutal execution; Society shunned and fear these marked individuals and ostracizes them with disgust and hatred; The only one was willing to accept the marked abandon child and rise him in the sanctuary was the high Priest Zunna .  He was hidden and protected and at a restless age decides to venture incognito into society but his secret was manipulative out of him by the charms of a wicked woman.

Kagnos realizes the secret will be unveil and he has to run for his life to protect himself and the ones he loves from the assassins hunting for him and all that surround him, to not be executed brutally too.
On his journey, events and incidents occur that sours Kagnos against humanity and he in defeat he decides to live his life as he was labeled as a wicked individual, later to rise as a ruthless leader with laws for his kingdom. He had his heart broken and turns towards the darkness to escape but with the plot of revenge boiling behind his hatred towards the murderers of his parents and many others.

There is such depth and insight in this story. This author weaves in Greek mythology and the Goddess and Gods as the powerful beings guided and leading the characters’ lives and beliefs.  She speaks of conscious and unconscious themes that all humanity lives by, sometimes in the darkness and other in the light. The choices one makes to decide which path they are to journey and what decisions need to make which affects not just themselves but many others. This reader believes forgiveness is the theme running throughout the pages. This is a very entertaining story of fantasy and adventure. .

If you as a reader enjoy Greek mythology plot with murdering assassins and skeletons in the closet that need to be taken out of the dark and brought forth into the light then this tale is calling for you to open the cover and become lost in an amazing world of betrayal and forgiveness.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Armor of God-The-Paladin by Tracy Lesch

This story is about the earlier times of Christian crusades against the enemies that were overtaking the land of Jerusalem and surrounding territories. It is set with a gallant character that was a monk serving the Almighty but his soul was restless and he prays to become a warrior in the fight against evil. He choose a path which left him no choice but to abandoned his ole life and all that meant something to him; his family. Tragedy destroys his family and his mission turns into a vow of revenge but the Almighty has other plans for his destiny.

He fights the earthly realm villains but all the greed and bloodshed of the marauders turn his heart to seek other purposes for his journey. Thus the real battle begins against the true evil angel himself; Satan and his henchman and minions of the night. He is reward with God's Armor to protect him against the darkness and he charges ahead to win the battle and to seek revenge. Along the road he meets various challenges and people who opens his eyes and heart to truth. It was interesting reading and gave the reader a glimpse into the rise of the Christian theology and its history. The cover is of excellent quality too.





Monday, July 9, 2012

Peer Inside My Soul and See Me By De Ann “Native” Townes, Jr.

This is a little gem wrapped with powerful emotions from joy to sorrow; it speaks of loving so much it hurts to breath when your soul mate is not with you. Expressing the gratitude of cherishing every nuance and fiber of a partner existence, letting him know he is his everything, with him life would be empty. Then the author spoke of her birth of her son, the death of a dear friend's son, the letting go of her own son and 0ther sentimental topics.

It is not just a poetry book but a mirror inside one' soul. Like an artist with paint and canvas she expresses her personal thoughts to create a deep and spiritual awareness of human existence. Shining upon the truth about the Light and dark, the good and evil, the spiritual and the wonders of all that is to be cherished but also the black abbess of tormented and agony of the broken hearted and to know when it is time to grieve and laugh again.

There are approximately 44 poems to review and each one touch this reader to the core; such intensity of formulating magic with words and vocabulary to create a symphony that vibrates and resounds in one's soul.
Out of the choices which call deep to this reader was title” You”. I copied part of this one to let you see the inside window, peer into her soul of this poet's heart and acknowledge her awareness of inner consciousness and the deep connection she has with her muse expressing her thoughts. .


Red dawns
Dragons colliding with ancient warriors
Lost horizons
Into the deep blue pool of mystery, deep within my heart
Rhythm to my music, earth to my soul, fire to my ice A prelude to my forever with
you, a prelude to the soul.
Was I wrong?
A dark corner of tomorrow
Underneath the guise of caring, of a smile of love. Warming, calming, cradling and
To the heart and soul, rejuventating the senses.

The poem continues, but this reader concludes here to let your imagination take over and call to your essence to yearn to review yourself this little gem with so much power. The poems are written as if her family generations are whispering in the wind, the truth about humanity and the highs and lows of the ripples of human emotions of experiencing life on this blue marble. 

She has won awards and as she declares she is “I’m artistry through fluent and flowing poetry in motion and I’m letting it flow.” Like the rip tides of emotions this writer has touch upon hidden meanings of so many facets of life. Highly recommend this for poetry readers and ones looking for inspiration. 5 stars

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Applauds to Smashwords.com and their Authors.

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/77887?ref=MessagetomyChildren This is an affiliate link for one of Smashwords top selling author, copied the excerpt of her book, Beautiful Disaster,to let others know that authors on Smashwords can also be noticed, so as a celebration I wanted to highlight this phenomenal site with a top seller .

 Beautiful Disaster Fiction » Romance » Contemporary By Jamie McGuire Rating: (4.86 based on 7 reviews) Published: July 31, 2011 Words: 107279 (approximate) Language: English ISBN: 9781465824011

 Short description

 The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate percentage of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend America, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand. Extended description The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate percentage of cardigans in her wardrobe.

Abby believes she has enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend America, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand. Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs—and wants—to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the charming college co-ed. Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his charms, Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet.

If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis’ apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match.

 This is the update at https://www.smashwords.com/  about the above author and others.

 Smashwords. com  has assisted allot of beginners, to experienced writers to be able to published thier works, to the masses through ebooks on the Internet. July 7, 2012 - Congrats to R.L. Mathewson!!. She's got two titles in Apple's top 10 store-wide bestseller list! Minutes ago we posted an exclusive interview with R.L. over at the Smashwords blog. As of this moment (4:30pm Pacific), R.L. is holding the 5th and 9th positions in the U.S. bestseller list, with Playing for Keeps and Perfection: Neighbor from Hell. For many months, her titles were selling respectably at five or more copies a day, and then starting around June 1, sales suddenly started taking off. Playing for Keeps has sold almost 7,000 copies at Apple in the last week.

The spark? R.L. credits her updated cover images. My take: In The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, I talk about the importance of ebook covers. The cover image is the first impression you make on a reader. A great ebook cover image makes a promise to the reader. It helps connect your target audience to your book. Annecdotally, I've heard many stories of indie authors updating their cover image, and then sales increase. In R.L.'s case, her cover image certainly played a role, as did the fact that she's writing great romance novels that her readers LOVE. As of this moment, Playing for Keeps has 2,195 reader ratings at Apple, averaging about 4.5 stars out of 5.

If you think your cover image doesn't resonate with your target audience, create a new cover then click Dashboard: Settings to upload the new cover image. This will spawn a regrind of your epub and mobi files, and then we'll distribute the new .epub out to our retailer network. I should also point out that two other authors in Apple's Top 10 bestseller list also publish on Smashwords! Sylvia Day, at #7, has several titles at Smashwords, though her current bestseller, Bared to You, is published by Penguin USA (and not available at Smashwords.

Hey Penguin, you should sell your titles at Smashwords.com!). At #10 is Jamie McGuire with her incredible Beautiful Disaster, distributed to Apple via Smashwords. Congrats to Sylvia, Jamie and R.L.!

 It is an anniversary for this blogger this summer and Smashwords was my first portal I entered through to dare to dream and at the same time learn about a wonderful community who gives me strength everyday to help another. So kudos to Mark Coker and staff for giving all the opportunity to write and published ebooks, and learn the highs and lows about the writing world. Charge !!! Click on the link and enjoy the many genres and small gifts that come in ebooks. https://www.smashwords.com/  psst, a secret some are free and other sell at reasonable prices and you can even read a excerpt before purchasing.  That pretty awesome.  Happy Reading.

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Just Call Me Jake by Tracy Arbors

“About noticing things, like my being cold. It was very nice of you. I was wet and cold, but my having a bad day is really not your doing. My life is going downhill and today I hit a new low.” She had a forced flippant tone to her voice, but he couldn’t see her eyes as she arranged her coat on the back of the chair. Underneath she had on a flowing blouse with an abstract pattern of browns, black and white, topped off by a black velveteen vest. Her outfit reminded him of a gypsy. The waitress topped off his coffee. “Could I have some coffee, too, please?” she asked the waitress, before turning back to Jake. “I didn’t catch your name earlier.” “Jake Hardy” he stretched out his hand automatically. Marian wondered how her life had taken such a sudden turn. She felt like she was being blown in a new direction by forces beyond her control, like in a dream, only she knew she was awake. She felt a twinge of regret when they pulled into the driveway of an old gray house with peeling paint. These are two paragraphs out of this delightful story about choices people made every day. The Pastor Jake could of pass up Marian, a young woman standing in the pouring rain and was lost and angry at life and the Almighty. He could of splash her and went on his way. Some inner voice tugged at his heart and he stopped and picked up the lost child, woman with many talents and assisted her to pick up her life and give her opportunities in his choir and church that opened doors for her and help him learn about his own insight as well as others. This delightful story, I found on a dark night and saw it was a Christian fiction and published on my birthday, it was like a calling from the Almighty. Stop what you doing and read this short tale for there is a message about love, being lost and found and not be afraid for I know you before you were born and I will always be with you, my Child. Marian has a shady boyfriend and is in trouble along comes a protector, and friend who is investigated her back ground and trying to figure how to help her escape from her past. This book has harsh realities and Marian has allot to face before she can find herself and come back home to the Almighty. It is enjoyable, has action, drama and suspense. I recommend this book to anyone who has doubts if any transgression is too harsh, it is not and open your heart to be forgiven and not to be afraid of challenges and change. One door closes and another one opens. https://www.smashwords.com/reader/read/118652 Fiction » Christian » Contemporary Fiction » Young adult or teen » Social Issues 5 stars

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma by Terry Crawford Palardy

This story is a honest look inside the world of a multiple sclerosis patient and woman trying to adjust to the MonSter.It is a good beginner's guide about plotting through the world of auto immune diseases. She is honest and refreshing sharing her thoughts with the readers and tells the pros and cons of this vague disease. She has a strong support system and knows how to advocate to the physicians for the treatment all ill individuals deserved. I like the upbeat positive attitude she is developing along her journey to transform her life from a Type A personality to a mellow lady with I do not care attitude and lives for each day. She was brave enough to put in the Almighty's hands and release herself from Western medication and looking for an better approach to deal with the symptoms of loss muscle and cognitive capabilities. She explains how it affects her and her husband and the adjustments they made to learn how to dance and not be furious with a personal storm some of us experience everyday. Kudos for sharing your experiences and trials with others who might of just received the news "You have MS". This is a good book to start to comes to terms with the diagnosis of any autoimmune condition.