Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something's Fishy in Palm Springs: An Aggie Underhill Mystery by Michelle Ann Hollstein (Author)

This is A Who done it Mystery story with many twists and intrigue. It starts off with character Tiffany having a nightmare awakening to find that her nightmare came true and what she fear the most happen. She is an owner of a dating service with a reputation of matching couples together by creating personal profiles of common interest and brings them together. She herself dabbles with a stranger who was vague and cancelled meeting her, so after a two year Internet relationship she broke it off. He was not a happy camper and became a stalker planning to captive his love and have her married him, and eliminating the competition.

In the mix is a shady gangster, drug lord who has motives of his own and sends his scared employee to the USA to track down the purchaser of a rare fish and he will do anything have this most cherished prize, a specialized import rare fish which is declare to bring luck to their owner. It is one of its own kind and is an important element to the plot; thus the name of the book.

Roger a home designer and the owner of the rare fish also used the internet to connect with a long lost relative, Betty who resided in England and lives with her close friend, Aggie. Betty connects with him and they arranged for the two charming Brits ladies to come to America for a vacation and visit family. These two lovely ladies are entertaining as they travelled from England to California and become involved in the investigation; Betty helping Roger deal with his crisis's and still holds the best party to show off his talents. He is a nervous wreck when his fish goes missing, finding the surprise in his pool and other details that keep the reader compelled to turn the pages.

While Aggie acts like an undercover sleuth following the clues. This is where the fun begins and twists occur like in a complex Agatha Christie's type mystery or Aggie Underhill mystery. Odd incidents and events occurred and lead Aggie, a persistent and curious investigator to desire to unravel the clues to the strange occurrences. She is determined to solve the mystery of the missing Tiffany, the missing fish and the attempted murderous plot on Lance. There is suspense, drama and even humor in this intense mystery as the seasoned investigator gets herself in some tricky situations, that makes the reader ponder if she will be caught or escape before the kidnapper realizes she is snooping in places she should not be in.

The best part of the plot is the author taunts the reader to the end trying to guess who done it, asking self is there more than one person. Also was asking self if someone was a Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Hyde for a moment. Characters who are suspects, is it Roger, Lance, Jeff, or the two women and how are they all are participants of this intriguing plot?.

Off course there is the bonus of a fluffy white dog and the mysticism wolves that were there to eat or protect Tiffany that was a delight. Any story with humans and animals are always entertaining.

In the author's words:

Aggie scooped up the squirming little fluff ball from Shawn's arms and rushed through the living room, dining room and entered the eating area, to the sliding glass doors that were somewhat hidden behind a white drape.

Just then a shrill scream could be heard over the conversating crowd as the back sliding glass door slid open and Linda entered, her checks streaked with tears.

It's horrible! Just horrible! she cried hysterically.

Instinctively Aggie put her free arm around Linda's shoulders. The dog was wiggling miserably in her other arm.

Now, now dear, Aggie said softly. "What is it?"

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