Monday, July 9, 2012

Peer Inside My Soul and See Me By De Ann “Native” Townes, Jr.

This is a little gem wrapped with powerful emotions from joy to sorrow; it speaks of loving so much it hurts to breath when your soul mate is not with you. Expressing the gratitude of cherishing every nuance and fiber of a partner existence, letting him know he is his everything, with him life would be empty. Then the author spoke of her birth of her son, the death of a dear friend's son, the letting go of her own son and 0ther sentimental topics.

It is not just a poetry book but a mirror inside one' soul. Like an artist with paint and canvas she expresses her personal thoughts to create a deep and spiritual awareness of human existence. Shining upon the truth about the Light and dark, the good and evil, the spiritual and the wonders of all that is to be cherished but also the black abbess of tormented and agony of the broken hearted and to know when it is time to grieve and laugh again.

There are approximately 44 poems to review and each one touch this reader to the core; such intensity of formulating magic with words and vocabulary to create a symphony that vibrates and resounds in one's soul.
Out of the choices which call deep to this reader was title” You”. I copied part of this one to let you see the inside window, peer into her soul of this poet's heart and acknowledge her awareness of inner consciousness and the deep connection she has with her muse expressing her thoughts. .


Red dawns
Dragons colliding with ancient warriors
Lost horizons
Into the deep blue pool of mystery, deep within my heart
Rhythm to my music, earth to my soul, fire to my ice A prelude to my forever with
you, a prelude to the soul.
Was I wrong?
A dark corner of tomorrow
Underneath the guise of caring, of a smile of love. Warming, calming, cradling and
To the heart and soul, rejuventating the senses.

The poem continues, but this reader concludes here to let your imagination take over and call to your essence to yearn to review yourself this little gem with so much power. The poems are written as if her family generations are whispering in the wind, the truth about humanity and the highs and lows of the ripples of human emotions of experiencing life on this blue marble. 

She has won awards and as she declares she is “I’m artistry through fluent and flowing poetry in motion and I’m letting it flow.” Like the rip tides of emotions this writer has touch upon hidden meanings of so many facets of life. Highly recommend this for poetry readers and ones looking for inspiration. 5 stars

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