Friday, July 20, 2012

Past of a Marked Man by Jennifer Hirtler

In the author's words:

"They hated me for the crime of another. They ran out of fear for a spectre. They betrayed me for a mark on my skin. They had nothing to fear from me, but I decided that I would see that fear be put to use. If I could not live my life honorably without being reviled, then I would not. If they feared me, I decided, they should have a reason. No ghost, no spectre, no name was going to be the cause of their hatred for me. I would give them something to fear that had a name. I would give substance to that spectre. I would give fangs to the monster they perceived. I knew at that moment that I must avenge my parents, but furthermore, I knew I must avenge myself. To achieve these goals I would do what I had been putting off for a long, long time. I would become the thing I hated most of all. I discarded the name Herod on that day. I was no longer Herod Basiv.  I was, and I am, Kagnos".

The above paragraph is from the book; this is a great story, it is so active with imagination and captures the reader's attention. The saga of the assassin's  life,  Kagnos and the High Priest's Zunna and  Mitchell the Priest who is given the assignment of being a recorder sent to record the story of a the most fearful man in the land, The highest assassin that ever lived. He was rumor to be a murderer with no soul or consciousness, and lived in the most abomination of a city full with thieves and murderers who were society’s throw always.  No one in regular society would acknowledge this man and the residents, he and they were considered the scum of the land and were fear.

As commander of this city, he lived his evil reputation but there was a thread of consciousness and compassion underneath his tough exterior and only a few selected know the real man and warrior.
In the story the Priest Mitchell was assigned as a recorder of the assassin's life and has to unraveled the skeletons in this man’s closet. On the journey across harsh lands and friendly places he slowly comes to the truth of discovered the true skeletons in this killer's closet, some dead and some still living and he is stunned by the truths that are unveiled in the darkness. 

He is on a mission for the high Priest and Goddess and no obstacle from thieves, no shelter, to his friend almost losing his life unless they locate a true healer with the right portion in time and other exciting adventures will not stop this undefeatable young warrior to complete his assignment.

On his assignment he discovers Kagnos was hiding for he was a wounded child of parents murdered by assassins and he was marked with their symbol and was the last one surviving the brutal execution; Society shunned and fear these marked individuals and ostracizes them with disgust and hatred; The only one was willing to accept the marked abandon child and rise him in the sanctuary was the high Priest Zunna .  He was hidden and protected and at a restless age decides to venture incognito into society but his secret was manipulative out of him by the charms of a wicked woman.

Kagnos realizes the secret will be unveil and he has to run for his life to protect himself and the ones he loves from the assassins hunting for him and all that surround him, to not be executed brutally too.
On his journey, events and incidents occur that sours Kagnos against humanity and he in defeat he decides to live his life as he was labeled as a wicked individual, later to rise as a ruthless leader with laws for his kingdom. He had his heart broken and turns towards the darkness to escape but with the plot of revenge boiling behind his hatred towards the murderers of his parents and many others.

There is such depth and insight in this story. This author weaves in Greek mythology and the Goddess and Gods as the powerful beings guided and leading the characters’ lives and beliefs.  She speaks of conscious and unconscious themes that all humanity lives by, sometimes in the darkness and other in the light. The choices one makes to decide which path they are to journey and what decisions need to make which affects not just themselves but many others. This reader believes forgiveness is the theme running throughout the pages. This is a very entertaining story of fantasy and adventure. .

If you as a reader enjoy Greek mythology plot with murdering assassins and skeletons in the closet that need to be taken out of the dark and brought forth into the light then this tale is calling for you to open the cover and become lost in an amazing world of betrayal and forgiveness.

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