Friday, July 13, 2012

Armor of God-The-Paladin by Tracy Lesch

This story is about the earlier times of Christian crusades against the enemies that were overtaking the land of Jerusalem and surrounding territories. It is set with a gallant character that was a monk serving the Almighty but his soul was restless and he prays to become a warrior in the fight against evil. He choose a path which left him no choice but to abandoned his ole life and all that meant something to him; his family. Tragedy destroys his family and his mission turns into a vow of revenge but the Almighty has other plans for his destiny.

He fights the earthly realm villains but all the greed and bloodshed of the marauders turn his heart to seek other purposes for his journey. Thus the real battle begins against the true evil angel himself; Satan and his henchman and minions of the night. He is reward with God's Armor to protect him against the darkness and he charges ahead to win the battle and to seek revenge. Along the road he meets various challenges and people who opens his eyes and heart to truth. It was interesting reading and gave the reader a glimpse into the rise of the Christian theology and its history. The cover is of excellent quality too.

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