Friday, July 6, 2012

Just Call Me Jake by Tracy Arbors

“About noticing things, like my being cold. It was very nice of you. I was wet and cold, but my having a bad day is really not your doing. My life is going downhill and today I hit a new low.” She had a forced flippant tone to her voice, but he couldn’t see her eyes as she arranged her coat on the back of the chair. Underneath she had on a flowing blouse with an abstract pattern of browns, black and white, topped off by a black velveteen vest. Her outfit reminded him of a gypsy. The waitress topped off his coffee. “Could I have some coffee, too, please?” she asked the waitress, before turning back to Jake. “I didn’t catch your name earlier.” “Jake Hardy” he stretched out his hand automatically. Marian wondered how her life had taken such a sudden turn. She felt like she was being blown in a new direction by forces beyond her control, like in a dream, only she knew she was awake. She felt a twinge of regret when they pulled into the driveway of an old gray house with peeling paint. These are two paragraphs out of this delightful story about choices people made every day. The Pastor Jake could of pass up Marian, a young woman standing in the pouring rain and was lost and angry at life and the Almighty. He could of splash her and went on his way. Some inner voice tugged at his heart and he stopped and picked up the lost child, woman with many talents and assisted her to pick up her life and give her opportunities in his choir and church that opened doors for her and help him learn about his own insight as well as others. This delightful story, I found on a dark night and saw it was a Christian fiction and published on my birthday, it was like a calling from the Almighty. Stop what you doing and read this short tale for there is a message about love, being lost and found and not be afraid for I know you before you were born and I will always be with you, my Child. Marian has a shady boyfriend and is in trouble along comes a protector, and friend who is investigated her back ground and trying to figure how to help her escape from her past. This book has harsh realities and Marian has allot to face before she can find herself and come back home to the Almighty. It is enjoyable, has action, drama and suspense. I recommend this book to anyone who has doubts if any transgression is too harsh, it is not and open your heart to be forgiven and not to be afraid of challenges and change. One door closes and another one opens. Fiction » Christian » Contemporary Fiction » Young adult or teen » Social Issues 5 stars

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