Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Weapon by Audrey Mckay

A Spiritual and Fantasy tale for Believers and Non-Believers.

Is the second book of The Good News Series continuing with Sidney and her family struggles and daily life passages. Except in the first book if you have not read it, Sidney was stalked by a deranged man who created fake naked pictures of her and scared her enough to have him arrested and sitting in a cell. In this No Weapon plot She is starting a new life and joins a church when one Sunday, a guest, a prophet points to her and tells her that God has a major purpose for her to fulfilled. Some of the ministry especially the preacher becomes jealous of her appointed calling and is taken by transgression to lose himself in the darkness thinking he is doing good for God, he is being manipulative by an evil influence.

At this same time the past pictures of Sidney taken and doctored are discovered at a police precinct and now they are being distributed among the congregation and the rumors among the public causing wildfires and gossip to be a burning flame that is going to burn them and Sidney. Enough to be scary that the offenses committed against could be judged as criminal and there are severe consequences. .This author has the talent to point out something simple can turned into an out of control raging flame and if not douse in time a lot of individuals could be hurt.

The assumptions of Sidney’s past all the gossiping is creating a distorted view and the truth is being hidden in the darkness and in the lack of knowledge, it is not her body but doctored fake photos which is placing Sidney in the gossip limelight and causing false lies that others are believing and need to act upon. Be it to pray for her soul for her future destiny or to either stop her from alleged marriage busting with all the Christian men in the church. Or, she is in danger again from jealous conspiring persons out for their own benefit and the question who will save her this time?

Sidney received the Holy Ghost and dedicated her life to God and was part of the choir and felt comfort in her new church until the gossip began and a distance of coolness from the congregation lingers around her along with these warning symptoms. Other darkness of personal trials was invading her life again. She once again takes on a family responsibility and she about to be tested to her limit of patience.

The story continues as a mystery and real and unseen saviors are called in to help her through the spiritual battle knocking at her door. The suspense picks up and the story ends up in a way if you are not a believer then this author is on the path to make you think about your choice of whom you should follow for peace to become a centre to your core in these difficult times.

Once again this reader was pleasurably satisfied to take a break and read a refreshing entertaining book in a series that has more coming out in the present future. It was like experiencing a refreshing dip in a well of water and cleanses to the soul. A fantasy stories for readers who like adventure, excitement and personal victory. Here is her website; to discover more about her treasures.

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