Friday, April 13, 2012

Sin by Shaun Allan

This work is a surreal story describing the weird twist about a mental patient who voluntarily commits himself to a psychiatric facility to escape or stop his delusions under heavy medication. As the reader continues into the story the question to ask is he insane or actually san being manipulative by a dark evil doctor. The journey to insanity to sanity takes the reader for a wild ride; the humor excites the brain, because this author ingenious incorporates all sort of humor from dark to light to entertain the reader.

Sin has character; he is witty and very knowledge about people and psychology. His personal interaction and experiences stimulates the mind, "what if". The question is he insane or in reality is able to use his mind to kill? This story is zany, witty, like traveling into twilight zone, definitely a challenge firing dominant brain cells, but worth the time getting familiar with this unique style of writing. Thanks for the entertainment. To find out more about this creation the author has a blog which introduces his character and his adventures.
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