Monday, May 21, 2012

The Last Chance by Ramon Ballard

The events that we, as the older generation have heard or learned should be written as a realistic tale. A true author’s job is to create a concise timeline when writing historical fiction. This author has accomplished that with a genius plot. A fictional autobiography of a 115 year old humble man with a playful personality as he tells his life story to a reporter in a nursing home. This reader is reminiscent of old-fashioned lemonade and sitting on a swing under a tree, reading or sharing this story with others. Escape into the details of the past and the beginnings of technology. Look through this author’s crystal ball into history. We all need to remember when our legacy started. The inventors and their ideas. This author has opened that portal through his eyes. The Last Chance is honest, detailed and filled with charming light humor what more can you ask for. I highly recommend this book to refresh memories and take a ride into the past.

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