Friday, May 4, 2012

AT THE END by John Hennessy

In the author’s words;

“When I ran for Penelope, no sensor gave away my position, or alerted the dining hall full of alions of my presence. The buckles that held her down were difficult to undo, and the faster I tried to go, the longer it took, as the uncooperative buckles fought against my trembling fingers. The eyes of the alions seemed to stare directly at me. I had no idea how long the stasis cloud lasted, but with every passing second, my nerves told me they would fail soon. The straps released after a dozen CLICKS, and I snatched her up, huffing as I raced out of the room”.

This paragraph is from the story that the author wrote; as a reader I was thinking it was a supernatural story but it turn out instead to be  a novel and maybe science fiction story which was all good, scary to think that the world could be invaded by aliens. This author created his plot around teenagers all interacting with each other because something catastrophe occur to their planet.  Family and loved ones just disappear and they were left alone to survive and discovered the truth of what was occurring in their backyards. Thus the plot gets exciting as the teenagers raced to the NASA station one of the teen’s dad’s work at to seek a solution to their problems. 

The teenagers are on the run and meet others along the way and together cooperating as a team they do what they have to do to survive the mysterious creatures invading their world.  They became fighters and soldiers to fight their foes.  They want revenge for all the lives lost and they with the military hatched an agenda that takes them to outer space to fight the invaders.

There is suspense, conspiracy and adventures intertwined into this story. The author was magician in bringing each character alive and giving them remarkable personalities and even added romance into the mix. .There is drama, death yet humor and love, a touching combination to spin a chilling post-apocalyptic tale. The creativity of the elements of technology and inventions makes it more entertaining. Leaving one to ponder or imagine does the government know a secret we are not aware of.  he is having a giveaway at this link until May 24th, I would highly recommend you go check it out if you are looking for a fast action pack story with human emotions that run the gambit to fear to love and in-between as the teenagers fight against the odds and coming to death more than once. This reader was gasping as each time a hand reached out….

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