Friday, May 4, 2012

Encounter with Hell by Alexis McQuillan

“During the weeks that followed, the grey wolf would show up at my house occasionally but continued to just be more of a benign presence than anything else. I would see the wolf lying under my desk, on the stairway landing, and sometimes riding shotgun in my car. But truthfully, I was much more obsessed with the house and its spirits and really didn’t give the wolf much thought. I just acknowledged its presence and continued on with my work”

This paragraph is from this haunting spirits story it is about a gusty woman and her friend who decided to investigate an alleged haunted Victorian home once belonged to the Matthews family, who all are deceased. They are mysteries in the shadows, conspiracy, murder and other secrets that the town’s folks would rather keep in the closet, in fear of the angry reproach from the ghosts residing in the home. The women are threatening and taunted by physical as well as spirit of dark energies and they may regret opening the portal to this particular home.

It is a supernatural, paranormal and detective mystery wrapped up in one tale .The character becomes obsessed with unraveling the secrets and may of met her match or beyond;

In the author’s words; “I know now that it was stalking me the way a hunter stalks its prey before going in for the kill. Every time I take the time to stop and think about the game of cat and mouse I unwittingly played with this demon, it sends chills down my spine and makes every hair on my body stand on end”

She describes that her curiosity became so overwhelming and she keep entering the house. She met this demon. It is said that he’s also the seventh son of Satan.

“I jumped out of my truck and stormed up to the house. “Amon!” I yelled. “I know you’re here, I can feel your energy! Stay away from my friends and their families, if you want to come after someone, come after me! I’m right here! But my friends and my family are off-limits! Do you understand?”

This author states she wrote this story to informed others of the dangerous predicament one can place themselves in if they decided to separate the veil between the earthly realm and the supernatural. Not all investigations are in the light, sometimes through incidents one is facing an evil menacing unseen form and she explains how to use her experience and history to face the demon and negotiate with it but is still in fear of it returning back into her life and turning it upside down with bad consequences. The people who were involved in this true one way or another received strange consequences

Author’s words; “The second reason is that the story is too important not to be told, if only to warn others of what can happen if they run into a demon. Plus, its time, I mean really time, to tell this story and go through the healing process of what happened to me. So in reality, this book is like therapy. Not a bad thing at all”.

This could be a paranormal or fantasy story, you the reader decide. This reader is going to stock her candles, Holy Water just for preventative measures. If you enjoy haunting and brave souls facing demons then this story is for you.

To find out more about this chilling tale here is the author’s link:

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