Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MomNapped by Ramon Ballard

Sara at a young age was introduced to her future destiny earlier than planned and meet all sorts of supernatural creatures and friends who will assist her to adapted to the new kingdom and rescue her mother from the clutches of the evil aunts. This is an unique blend of many masterpieces, and authors, such as Mark Twain and others with a genius humorous creative plot of a young girl's journey to achieve her destiny, skills and help her mature into the reigning ruler she was meant to be along the way she meets very interesting characters.

It is filled with humor, different characters, accents and humorous references that present this reader with a good belly laugh and a roaring good time reading this quaint story.

The author has taken many elements of the literary world and creates a Pixar creation about a story of another kingdom and added his special touch and created an imaginary world of royalty, good vs. evil and life’s lessons all in an entertaining little package, an awesome story for all ages

This story is an amazing tapestry of creative imagination that introduces the reader to many literacy authors and masterpieces from Mark Twain, others and to the new entertainment of the 21st century, the some of the Pixar creativity of the Disney Movies; It has adventures, colorful characters and lessons to be shared with all. Sara and her new found friends cooperate together and scheme to freed her mother and bring the kingdom back to its former glory.

Highly recommend this unique story to be enjoyed as a family or just alone with a favorite snack and get ready for a potent time teleporting to another kingdom and share in the adventures of Sara and her friends bringing transformation to the future kingdom.

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