Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forgotten Manuscript

In this story the author Doug Lucas became a story telling master writing about a sensitive topic the author created a highly charged terrorist plot and wrote a story about the military and the terrorists in the early 1980's set in the Middle East and in-between brings in Cuba's threats. It is a suspenseful plot complete with espionage, conspiracy and intelligence data designed into a fast packed action tale about how the terrorists believe they are the final victors when they planned an attacked on an American military base; They as well as the foreigners discovered that Americans are not the weak soft underbelly slugs everyone thought they were before the attack; in the end the terrorists were served justice, the American way;

This writer describes with human emotion very graphic details of the before and aftermath of a horrific attack as if he was there in the midst of the chaos. He describes the events as they unfold; the details are sensitive which brings the reader to rally for the characters in the midst of the action, chaos and clean-up. The descriptions of human toil going through the range of personal agony to acceptance and about the loss of lives as well the urgency to bring justice to their fallen heroes, made this reader gasp.

The characters are written as if they could be your spouse, brother, sister, aunt and uncle. Your heart goes out to every family affect by this malicious vendetta against the friendly veterans who were there defenseless with unloaded weapons by the orders to be a peace ambassador or protector and not fire upon natives unless shot at first. Since the orders were lax; the compound was open to the enemies and they scheme to destroy their foes. The plan was hatched and the friendly lives were destroyed in less than 30 seconds when a crazy scheme is executed by the ruthless enemies.

As the story progressed every time the knock on the door from the military personnel and clergy came, it brought either tears or a leap of faith of Amen; yes one more veteran, loved will be coming home. Yet another family will be given the knowledge that they will be burying their child; one who dies before the parent. It is a tragedy yet at the same time the determination of the troops to respect the living and dead and bring their guys home to their families is a light in the darkness.

This story is written as if someone like a reporter was there on the scene; listening behind the doors in Washington D.C. as the President, his cabinet and all vital personnel are meeting about what action was necessary to investigated and conclude the incident before it becomes a major storm with too many casualties and finger pointing and more death. This author implanted a Wag the Dog theory into the tale where the higher staff of the POTUS OFFICE (President of the United States) and head commanders tries to distract the American public about this one horrific event and turns attention to another priority which was creating another threat to invade the homeland; so the story is not lacking adventure.

He also discussed the behind the scenes from the veterans fighting in foreign lands, to the commanders of the military personnel to the President to the cabinet and other staffers to the hidden threats to all involved parties that are involved; such as the UN and last to the news reporters asking where their loyalty lies; report the gripping details for the money or to defend America and keep the lid on the secrets until a calmer time. The plot goes further by showing the military personnel and clergy entering into average military homes to report to the families the state of their loved ones and it ends with victory and payback. It also touches upon personal lives experiencing regular day trials and their families and the decisions they need to decide for future generations.

It is a dedication and knowledge insider story about the danger threats which the honor proud men and women face every day, the danger they face when away from home and how they are brave veterans who serve and fight for world freedom every day, facing the unknown; It touches upon what fears they may go through every morning when they awake in a foreign land assigned as protectors or peace ambassadors. The author creates realistic and colorful characters and invites you to experience their everyday rituals of the life of a service person and their inner thoughts. Letting the reader senses the emotions and to know each individual in a special way. The additional bonus is the details about the team work of all people of all diversity coming together and supports each other when human tragedies become a reality and the faith they depend upon all to get through the darkness to save another life.

It explores the behind the actions of all the parties involved in protecting and supporting the veterans; from the President of each nation, to the tyrants, terrorists and service personal and all the other players needed to protect and guard the safety of the world. Discussing the factors involved for all who are there to be supported or possibly to abused their position to gain their own greedy benefits and how it is vital for all to cooperate together for the safety of all. The competition between the departments’ heads is somewhat witty as each director has their own show down guarding their authority.

Author's words; "The UN Envoy seemed to be barely grasping what Phillips had just told him. Richard decided that now was the best time to swing the UN's demands back towards negotiating an outcome acceptable to not only the UN, but to the White House as well.
"With the stroke of a pen, the President can issue an executive order to withhold all funding for the UN and refuse to allow our military to participate in any peacekeeping efforts the UN may attempt. I remind you that he can instruct the Ambassador to the UN to veto anything he feels is not in the best interest of the United States. These sir, are just some of his options. I can assure you our present president is not only capable of executing them, but if he felt he had cause would go even further."

The Envoy's repressed anger was replaced with complete understanding---the flushed anger drained from his face and was replaced with a calmer demeanor."
This story is an intense inside glimpse into the tragedy of terrorist attacks and how the victims do not retreat, but reinforced themselves with team work to not be defeated but to prove how strong defenders they are. The excitement of the characters that are committed to their urgent vow to execute payback to their enemies for their fallen heroes who dedicated their lives 24 hours, seven days a week protecting others adds stimulation to the plot. The plan for payback is the powerful conclusion to this story.

This story is broken down into easy reading chapters for there are numerous characters involved from the top to the bottom and behind the scenes in each of their lives and loved ones. It was impacting and gave insight to this reader how much we do not realized what the vets who defend our countries experience while we are sitting at home cozy, in denial or not involved . All service personnel should receive a thank you next time you see one passing you by.


  1. Thank you, I am humbled by your praise. Doug Lucas

  2. You welcome, it was a honour sharing your story with others.