Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KINGDOM OF LOST CHILDREN: The Book of Ren by L. J. Carter

“In the story of Kingdom of Lost Children, the children were afraid to speak out about the cruelty they were suffering by the hands of their guardian, Lord Faolan. Meanwhile, many of the townspeople turned a blind eye for fear that speaking out would disrupt their own lives.” This is the introduction from the author.

This is a fantasy supernatural story based upon a magical child with powers but she is not aware of them until she and the children she is responsible for in a horrible home for alleged forgotten, neglected children are being cruelty mistreated by a harsh guardian, Lord Faolan and she desires to set them free and the adventure begins.

It could like other stories of magic kingdoms and cruel masters but this one is very unique for it combines various threads of other stories familiar to the reader’s heart and woven them into a magical mysterious tale about evil vs. good, light vs. dark and which side will one choose when all the riches and desires are display for their benefit, hidden in the verses are many messages that touch this reader’s heart and soul. The question; will Layla and her friends chose materialistic riches and greed over love and sharing with others. Will she and her friends or enemies turn towards the light or darkness of enlightenment or evil destinies? She is torn between two realms and desires one over the other, but which one?

This book is alluring pack with action, suspense, and mysteries. Every page is a delight to see what will happen next. Will she escape from the darks one chasing her; will she find what she is looking for? It is an exciting journey with the characters from the mystical creatures, adventures to the intertwining of the ancient texts incorporating with various bibles verses and modernization concepts of reality and fantasy makes this a captivating story to read. It is poetic haunting and very descriptive with details; it pulls you in and you are trapped in fantastical places as it teleports you into dark magic places. Rallying as Layla is fighting as a warrior to regain her destiny and save the children before it is too late. This story could be created as video games it has all the thrills and secrets that intrigue a reader's mind.

Author's excerpt; "She had always been plagued with strange dreams; dreams of warning; dreams that more often than not came true. But the recent nightmares had been different, more like a memory, a terrifying memory, that faded from her mind as she woke. There was only one image that remained with her: a man watching her from behind the darkness of a broken window; his skin so pale it reflected the moon’s light, eyes so cold they were like stone".

My heart was racing and I could not put it down until I finished when the clock struck 3 .a.m. in the morning, the witching, devil hour and it still tingles my spine into the next day.

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