Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking for Peace an inner journey By Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

Walking for Peace was an inspiring story about two friends who frustrated with the rat race decided to abandon it and agreed to a challenge; walking across the European continent through 17 countries hiking along the path the apostle's and servants of the pass travelled seeking the mysteries of inner peace and question the unknown. Along their journey their beliefs are shatter and replace with strangers kindness and gifts of gratitude that brings tears and joy to their hearts and a new found knowledge of the spiritual truths.

The woman is bond to her beliefs deny all religious and faith beliefs stating she is walking only as a message that a person may change others inner thoughts and assist them to open their minds to the possibility of transforming the negative to the positive ideals and change the course of their destiny.

Mony is of Lebanon descent and was raised to be leery of all due to the conflict in the Middle East. She is skeptical and raised to be enriched with the simple pleasures of life; shelter, food, warmth and clothing; along her trek she is meet with obstacles that could of broke her will but acknowledges she needs to strip herself of all worldly opinions, beliefs and hurts and believe in her inner conscious to guide her to the right path of enlightenment and spread the message of peace.

The man, Alberto starts as a friend who is also called to abandoned the earthly realm and seek peace but also inner wisdom to the purpose of life and what is beyond the earthly realm. He walks as a pilgrim and declares his truth of finding the light, the Supreme Being inside each of another and to share it with others; break down the walls of hatred and distrust among the warring nations and people in general. There is conflict between the two characters which adds excitement to the story. This is a complex tale with many messages intertwined in the pages; the final message unconditional love will conquer all.


  1. Susan, thank you so much for your wonderful review of our book! We are so glad that you enjoyed it, and that its message resonated with you. Please feel free to contact us ( if you would like any other information regarding our story.

    With warm regards,
    Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

  2. Thank you Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso for responding. It is a compliment to acknowledge others, sharing and paying forward with kindness. Really enjoyed reading about your journey to fulfilment.