Friday, February 17, 2012

Always You

Always You is a short story about lost love, betrayal and lies and broken communication. It is a journey of grief a woman Lyla who has to rediscover herself after losing the loves of her life. She is humiliated and furious after finding out from another friend she was living a lie in a rebound relationship with Alex. Hers’ and former lost love Andrew; best friend turning to him for comfort falling in love with him; The truth he was the culprit who was responsible for his best friend and her lost lover's death. Alex was a Casanova and was busy flirting with a stranger when the incident occurs. A selfish egotistic playboy who never explain what happen to his best friend on that dreadful night. Her heart was shattered and she departs from him with hatred and closes her heart to any promise of love for many years.

Until she and Alex had to crossed paths again on a job assignment; will she be able to work with him with the hatred she felt for him; will she survive the emotional turmoil of losing her love Andrew and then Alex because he lied to her and broke her heart. The tension between them is highly passion with hatred but some other emotion was brewing between them. This tale is short and has hints of lustful scenes in it for she is engaged to another man; the dilemma; for her is to move on she needs to let go of the past and forgive Alex or escape from present reality and start new somewhere new; leaving him regretting his actions that fateful day and losing the only woman he cherishes. .

A sample from the author’s words; “Her ears and checks had gone red with embrassment. Why the hell did she have to care what Alex did? Alex and the pretty woman were still waiting for a reply. She had no idea what to tell them. Alex raised his eyebrows in question.”

In all a touching story about “what if” and choices that challenge lost loves and should the fire of passion be ingnited again or should she Lyla snuff out the flame of unrequited love and start a new destiny with her engaged finance.

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