Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twisted Fate by John Boyd

Author's words' Castro was sure that this was a CIA plot to oust him from power. He’d decided to take the three Soviet rockets he hadn’t decommissioned and launch them at the U.S. He had instructed Raul to launch them on day six of the U.S. President’s deadline. They were on mobile launchers, well-hidden for forty years. His scientists had told him they could be prepared in three days and would cause great damage. He closed his eyes. Believing he was in the right, as always, he began to fall asleep"

Once again this story was compelling, suspenseful, and full of action; this reader enjoys this author because he has a refreshing style of writing about conspiracy behind the scenes as each country and nation tries to prove who is the most powerful. This book is one with Robert Davis and his experienced seal team and Washington contacts cooperate together as a team to solve a world threat within six days or the warning of a nuclear war. The refugees of the past Cuba who escape with the shirts on their backs and abandoned all their family land and treasures are tired of Castro, Cuba's dictator and want him to relinquish his position.

They have plotted to overthrown him but were not powerful enough so they scheme to betrayal the VIP's of each country and make them turned against each other. The plot creates a wild conspiracy plot, kidnapping American tourists, but not just typical visitors; Robert's close friend; Matt and three governmental officials.

When Major Robert Davis heard the news of his friend's disappearance he drops everything and schedules to gather his friends and resources to rescue him and the three US agents before the sixth day or all will be lost. The prisoners will be eliminated for they will be of no use to the kidnappers if war breaks out. The story is filled with action pack adventure spanning across the ocean and journeys into unknown territory and secret enemies.

Robert has to rescue the hostages, get them off the Island and still not finished he and his team have to sabotage Castro's plan to strike America with Cuba's hidden missiles.

It is not all military jargon, there is sentimental chapter about Major Robert Davis and his family heritage included, it made this reader warm and tearful to follow the struggle the generations experienced as refugees, foreigners and establishing their destiny as American citizens. There is even an event that tore at this reader's heart when a loved one is struck ill and how the family and loved ones rallying about to show their support.

Then the chapter with Robert's bother Luis and his adventures; I have read almost all of the series but this book hit all human emotions and it was a pleasure break from other genres.

This reader has developed an addiction to read more from this author. It is stimulating and fun to imagine what is behind the scenes of our powerful countries and the conspiracies that could be if concern citizens do not awake to the possibilities of the greed behind all mad brokers seeking absolute authority over humanity and what means they will go too to achieve their agendas. If you like good guys vs. bad guys and competition of meeting the deadlines before it is too late then this author and his various books are the right choice.

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