Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12.21: A Novel by Dustin Thomason

2012 apocalypse phenomenon

"From the co-author of the two-million copy mega-bestseller The Rule of Four comes a riveting thriller with a brilliant premise based on the 2012 apocalypse phenomenon--

For decades, December 21, 2012, has been a touchstone for doomsayers worldwide. It is the date, they claim, when the ancient Maya calendar predicts the world will end."

This reader copied the two statements above for this book, as it fits the plot.

This author extracted complex elements of the Mayan culture and some if it's history and traditions from the times of the ancient past and translate it into a spellbinding story. It is a tale about the possibility of a doom's day event taking place causing chaos and fear throughout the world. He created a page turning of many pages which felt like shorter to the reader, for it was a compelling tale of action and events as a scientist and Chel Manu, a Guatemalan American researcher at the Getty Museum, she is an expert of ancient languages and Dr. Gabriel Stanton travelled across the United States to the Guatemalan lands to seek a mysterious cure of an infection that was ravish human lives and stealing their escape of the precious life substance of sleep.

Humanity was on the verge of collapse and madness from the lack of sleep, and intense thirst that could not be quenched by a reasonable amount of water. Zombies waiting to die are being created and no one knows why?

Two experts join forces due to coincidences or fate to solve the dilemma before civilization is wiped out. They jeopardize everything in their lives and careers to find the key to the Pandora box.

This story was addicted because this author travels into the ancient past of the Mayan culture and described as if the action and events were actual and the story journeys through character of a scribe assigned the vital task of reporting all positive history according to the king's laws. But this scribe's consciousness is plague by guilt and he defiant the laws and writes a scroll in ancient language and in the 21st century this scroll was unburied and smuggled to the United States;

Within it verses were secrets about the truth of the King's abuse of authority and how in his royal position, he enacts a hideous tradition for the Mayan race which was horrific and caused death to many. Almost cause the society to become extinct unless brave warriors devises a plan to save the next generation of 900's A.D. and then again in the 21st century. A cycle that comes around again of massive death will be it too late. . .

The Doctor, Gabe and the language expert Chel are in a race against time, almost losing their lives to locate the antidote

This story was entertaining, educational, fantasy and a great mystery for all to enjoy. It is a heart gripping suspenseful plot for fans and perfect for readers of Steve Berry, Preston and Child, and Dan Brown as one reviewer states. This reader definitely agrees with this statement.

You will definitely be pleased with your selection. This author is educated, creative and knows how to entertain readers as he proves by his track record he is accomplished at writing spellbinding tales from previous work and now this story, of Doom's Day predictions, from a Mayan's perspective.

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