Thursday, August 23, 2012

All In- (Lovers and Other Strangers) by L.C. Giroux

I have been away from hot steamy romance books far too long. I won this delicious treat in the Beach Book party; written by L.C. Giroux, this one I truly enjoyed. It is about a quiet strong silent type cowboy, Current who helps a damsel in distress. She was a mousy brunette in disguise, running from the gangsters who were forcing her to work as a book keeper for them in unpleasant circumstances. She decides she had enough of their abuse and takes their money and donates it. Now the bad guy wants his money back and sent his goons after her.

She was alone, hungry and fending for herself decides to pickpocket the silent quiet cowboy's but he caught her red handed and needs to choose to turn her over to the authorities or protect the damsel in distress from the big brawny goons stalking her.

Then the story takes off from there, package with a writing style which kept this reader glued to the pages. It was sensual but not over the top, and romantic in a sweet way.

In the author's words; "He started to smile and then he felt the tug. Thank God he had reflexes like a cat. He snatched her wrist and held up her hand with his wallet in it. "Aw, sweetheart, didn't anybody ever tell you to kiss a man before reaching into his pants?" Those warm eyes went round with fear."

There even a sensitive issue in the middle of the story which is bought into modern times with a hilarious flair, the hair dresser.

Current is every girl's dream, rough and gentle at the same time, let's the damsel cry on his shoulder and like to cuddle with her, just because.

Gianna was the shy mouse that turned into a lion who knew what she wanted and it was Current but he was a bachelor and does not have time for a damsel in distress or does he?

The adventures and suspense of escaping the goons and the challenges of their escape plans places both main characters and the hair dresser into prickly situations. Question will they escape unscathed in more ways than one. You will have to read this delicious sensual treat and find out more for yourselves. Plus there are teasing previews of this author's other books at the conclusion of this one, there are so many delicious morsels of delight in between the two covers of this book.

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