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Seducing a Mermaid by Karli Rush

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  • Wow is what this reader can say about this short novella, no more like a teaser. It is breath taking written portrait with human language, description of poetic justice. It is about a painter and his object of delight, a mermaid, they become so immensely enmeshed emotionally, physically and spiritually with each, he can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

    Questioning if she a figment of his imagination, yet there is evidence he is not going insane, the kitchen floor is wet with her dripping watery substance and the unforgotten vague sense of her feminine existence surrounds him and pours into his pores and is taunting him every living moment they are apart.

    He is so caught in the siren's beauty and song, he becomes obsessed with her and feels completely lost when she disappears without a word. He is attracted to her, first as a subject for his desire to paint alluring pieces for his uprising art gallery opening and then as an urgency that he feels lost and abandoned and has to be with her to breath, or suffocate in the despondency of losing her forever. .

    He tries to separate from his eternal goddess of a woman from his delusion by leaving the cursed house by the sea for a brunch with his sister. He hears and senses the desperate longing for her and no other woman will take place of his fantasy. He decides to not stay with sister but to go back to the house by the sea. Everyone is afraid for him and declares for him not to go cross the waters in the stormy weather.

    The thunder and lightning of the darkening skies only compelled him more than ever to return back to the Island by the sea and be with his reality or fantasy dream.

    The skies are blackening quickly, the thunder is loud and the transport vessel with the old wise coot is not dependable, it is thrown around in the water like a toy boat. The character Sam desires her touch then to live without her it burns his soul to the depths of indescribable longing and he yearns to touch her once more.

    The twist at the end was so enriching and the story ended too quickly.

    This is a literary masterpiece with an artistic touch of delightful humanistic insight and written as a supernatural story. It had my Irish roots singing as it reached into the depth of this reader's soul in the midst of a thunderstorm and a drinking a glass of wine. This reader was taken away for too brief of a time for a wonderful escape of a gifted writer's mind and will be looking for other works by this insightful and tender but amazing writer.

    This honest review was given in exchange for a free book which was recommended to read by a friend. I am an avid reader and this teaser was definitely entertaining and grammatically acceptable. This author also has other books available to be purchased. You can go to her Amazon Page by following the link:

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