Friday, August 10, 2012

The-Revelation-Love- by Gideon-Cecil

This author is a male from Guyana that has desired to capture many feelings and encapsulated them into a sentimental book of poetry. In his Amazon bio the reviewer had declared his writing to be complete with emotional depth and sophistication from the beginning to the end each poem inspired a deep and personal emotion in me.  He has written praise to the Almighty, about forbidden love to what politic, literature and what he loves about his native Guyana and other topics.

This reader felt the struggles this poet was expressing as he tries to pen indescribable human vocabulary into the language of the heart and soul, which is an impossible except for the rare few who has experienced life's joy and sorrows and absorbed them into their psychic and human core. This author has created a book with messages of hope and salvation.  His plead for humanity to accept love as easily as some accept hate and anger. Expressing insight that Love is a forbidden sensation in our world of today and some writers frustrated with the wick root of evil invading society have desired to turn the tide. 

This author has attained this achievement in some of his poems in this collection.

This book should be introduced to students, and all in need of teaching and inspiration.

If one poem does not touch your heart, this reader would guarantee there is another that will for this author explores all topics from A to Z and invites the reader to experience the collection through their own eyes and imagination. 

His works have won several literary awards at home and abroad.

Here is a copied verse from the poem of

My Love for Literature;

"Predicting the future for our freedom.
Creating books of eternal value to read
Sustaining young minds to blossom like a rose.
The wisdom of poetry is from great literature,
Building hopes upon dreams of treasure.
Words created the universe above
Controlling our hearts to fall in love.
Clouds will ride upon the wings of the skies,
Mankind in miseries until they die.
Books are gold in the image of our spirit,
Directing our souls to live for merit.
The memory of literature will last forever," and continues...
This one touched this reader's heart and presented knowledge to me to ponder about. 
This is from another that give me thought to digest upon


Politics- a game that fluctuates in our intellects
Fooling the conscience of a whole nation.
Selling souls to make a false name,
Corruption is the name of the game.

My Smiling Muse

"My divine muse hides her face in the eyes of the moon,
And watches my soul from afar as my guardian angel.
Who invokes my spirit to write I cannot tell,
Of the unknown lines she writes in my hands so soon.
Oh divine muse! Thou art the inventor of my rhyme,
For I know not myself in the wisdom of my poetry," continues

This reader gave these three samples to see for you, there is talent here, some poems are magnificent and others did not stir a movement in me. 

The ones that did this book is worth reviewing and is located on Amazon at

Poetry also enlightens the mind and stimulates the endorphins, the happy genes creating natural Euphoria and a poetry reader can never have enough poetry books in their libraries.

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