Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Campaign of the Gods by Mike Evers

In the author’s words:

“What the policemen couldn’t possibly know  was that these ferocious-looking men were part of the Viking Great Heathen Army, and they’d been randomly transported to the woods less than an hour earlier. Like most of the Ivar’s forces, they had arrived lost and confused and were doing their best to get their bearings. Quite a difficult task in the circumstances, bearing in mind they had recently inhabited another place, well over a thousand years earlier. What’s more, these Vikings had had the misfortune to find themselves in the same general whereabouts that Fenrir’s dark forces were appearing and had been attacked by a group of dire wolves within minutes of arriving. After a short and savage skirmish, they had managed to see off the wolf pack, having lost three men and killing five beasts in the process. It was as they were making their way down a path hoping to link up with other Vikings that they chanced upon an odd discovery: In front of them was a man dressed in strange attire, sitting in a large metal and glass box.”

“His fellow god was mortified at what was happening, especially since it seemed to be actually happening in the realm of Midgard - a place Thor was sworn to protect. And, to make matters worse, Tyr was playing with the dark forces of Fenrir – his very nemesis, the creature that had relieved him of his hand with those terrible jaws.”

“Týr just hoped Thor would start to roll sixes. They were going to need all the luck they could get...”

This author has created another reality and historical tale, this time it is about the Great Vikings, Thor, God of Thunder and  Tyr, God of Battle who in their dimension are playing a magical board game with runes…and Tyr tired of being scam by Thor and losing as the dice rolled in favor of Thor, he decides to have the game investigated and un-hex by the old hag, powerful witch.  He is uneasy about the theft and having her work her magic on the game but ignores his insight and continues to have her use her magic and leaves her hut, goes home waiting for the next day  to sneak the game back into Thor’s Castle. 

When with the hag, the trickiest Loki play a dangerous prank that was about to get more dangerous as the game continues and the  Vikings are ordered to located the Hopfield Stone in the earthly realm and about to face  the enemies who are preparing to hunt their prey, humanity. 

The two Gods sit to continue the game and Tyr is thinking this time he will not lose anymore territories and property; lady luck will be on his side this time.  Except when Thor throws the dice he has the selection of the next card, the old Hag tricked the Gods and added in a hideous creature in to the mix; the Fenrir a supernatural creature everyone fears.   He is pure evil and gathers troops together to plunder and kill his victims. This spell caused an incident to occur and now the creatures are roaming and hunting the earthly realm and the Vikings seeking a treasure discover the creatures and now have to defend the weak humans come through the portal to hunt for the treasure and battle the preying foes. 

Then there is the reality of the Brit policeman with the pregnant wife and his partner PC Walker’s and his passion is the historical re-enactment society he of course is involved in the Viking’s play acting performances and has a passion for it; He is missing on this deathful day, has not reported to duty; and when he does he is the savior for he is knowledgably familiar with the Norse language and traditions is able to assist the heroes.

The author has added his colorful witty humor in the midst of the final battle the policeman’s wife is pregnant and about to give birth in the midst of the final battle. This is a suspenseful intense comedy, horror and fable story mixed together with a zany short plot.

This author has taken the Viking Tales of Thor and his men protecting humanity and blended them into a fictional story that attracts the reader and delights in the memories and language of the Viking’s literature and then go back to the present to the policeman and his partner and their interaction with the Vikings and the foes, he has a hostage, this reader off to finished this delightful tale of the Campaign of the Gods.     The Fin and no more description except to give this tale 5 star and ask the readers to click the link below and enjoy this author’s book coming soon and others one

The one above The Spirit Archer is favorite fables of Robin Hood with a witty conclusion see reviews.

This author took this ideal concept and plotted an entertaining story about good guardians, the bifurs and the bad guardians, Mountain Lord John mystic gone bad, in the midst of this conflict is a divine machine which was stolen and being manipulative in to a tool of chaos.

This is a free review in exchange for reading his books, psst, a secret, he is turning into one of this reader’s  top ten authors from  West Yorkshire, across the ocean, Cheers

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