Monday, September 10, 2012

The Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop, Sept 10th-13th, 2012

Last week, while I was surfing through the Indie Authors community I saw a post that caught my eye, and went to review it.  It was The Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop for these days, September 10th-13th. Sponsored  by Terri Giuliano  Long and 47 bloggers  and 20 authors.  Each day these creative writers arranged to dedicated their time to write their expression of gratitude to the bloggers in their own  blogs,   about  the vital relationship that exists  between the bloggers, and other professionals such as Indie Authors.

To me my appreciation was to replied ; I believe the blogger is the behind the scenes writer who with their unique passion created specialized portraits, be it in words as a book reviews, rhythms as in flash fiction and poetry, themes, as in entertainment and games or artwork as original pictures. They worked around the clock to make it perfect. Prepared it to be presentable and in a flair on the event date opens the hidden portal of the element of surprise to introduce the authors and their books for readers and others to review.

A blog is successful because of  it's originality content and the compassion of the blogger that goes into the promotion. Depending on their presentation their site could attract one or more readers to the blog and displays the author's links so the readers could become  familiar with the inspiring blogger, the guests, the authors and their works.  All individuals are born with the  desire to nurture their potential passion be it music, art or writing and others are born to service like school teachers and bloggers. They want to help others become known and though their blogs they can do this  with an entertaining platform, their site.

Bloggers are designed to the category of a service person, in the 21st century they are in the position of the modern reporter and promoter. As bloggers they  have  many talents be it  as writer, psychologist, social worker, teacher  and artist or what role is necessary to connect with the audience and the guests and accomplished their objective to create a bond. One that is lasting and urged the reader to want to share the news and the connection of knowledge and/or promoted the author's product and to have it be a successful visit. So the readers will go into the community and into Internet land and spread their joy through the media social channels, like Facebook, Twitter and such. Also to spread the warm feeling of I got something to tell another. For the data  to be declared a success and to be shared with their friends and others and the world. The bond between a blogger and author  is a relationship or professionalism, compassion and entertainment.

I applaud Bloggers, as I still new in this arena and dabbling more towards book reviews and promotion,  they are vital  to the author's promotion and could be a lifeline introduction to an author's success or failure. They are great people, open, honest, hilarious, serious, creative and compassionate, so the next time you visit someone's blog, don't drive by and disappear like a ghost. Stop and indicated you were there, even if it is two simple characters of a keyboard,. With the appreciation of a  smile :D,( the  semi colon and a large D), it is the eyes and the mouth of "Hey I was here and kudos to you and your guest for writing and creating an amusing or knowledgeable blog,  and now I am off to visit the author's links. See how two simple symbols can express so much.

I was out of work, due to a personal health condition, am an avid reader and thought about writing as a hobby and was introduced to the Indie Authors community and became a volunteer reviewer for a publishing company and one day selected  a delightful ghost story written By Author Coral Russell. After the review was submitted I found out she selected it to promote in her rising book, Amador Lockdown. The review was included in the published book and I was honoured for the privilege. It came at a dark time in my life and it was a shining sign I should continue to assist and promote Indie Authors and that is why I do it today. I created a shared authors, artists and readers page on Facebook, and write blogs to became a dabbling blogger and promote unknown authors and let them shine in the limelight. I get to sit back behind the curtain and basked in a job well done and go to sleep at night with a peaceful and clear conscious of doing a good deed in a quiet style. It became a passion and that is why I created blogs and shared authors' wonderful works to be seen by all.

I and behalf of others wanted to thanked the host of the sponsored event, Terri  Giuliano Long and her guests, 47 BLOGGERS and 20 AUTHORS and of course all of the READERS for coming for this great event and expressed their gratitude for the behind curtain writers, the bloggers and the authors they write about. And kudos to the authors who understand how vital the relationship is between a blogger and an author. Ah, peace in the Indie and Blogger  land.  Let's all sit down around the fire and always share the peace pipe.

The two links, one is the introduction and the other to see who the bloggers and authors are and the other two above are for entertainment but sums up what a blogger is and to emphasized  they are the missing link in the puzzle of enriching knowledge that brings authors and readers together. Let's give them all  a rousing round of  applause for all. This why as a blogger it is an honour to me to promote others and shared their achievements, their  accomplishments, and their dream to be a published author and promote them and their books to the readers.

Go to the links above and you can review the bloggers, and authors who are participating in the Celebration and read more interesting blogs why bloggers promote for authors.


  1. Really nice post. Thank you for this glowing tribute to bloggers.

    I agree it is important to visit many blogs and to let them know you have been there. Every comment left means something and just one shared post can open a blogger up to a whole new audience.

    Thank you for taking part in this great event :)

  2. Thank you David for stopping by and leaving a comment, I am honour that you took time out of your writing schedule to visit and comment on my blog. I really enjoyed yours and the others too kudos to all the bloggers out there promoting authors.

  3. This is a wonderful post and I really appreciate you taking the time to be part of Celebrating Bloggers! I owe so much to the kindness of bloggers like you - more than I can every repay! - and I truly appreciate every minute that has been spent to help me and every other indie author out there.

    My best,

  4. Dropping by from the Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop and wanted to say that I enjoyed your post!