Monday, December 10, 2012

What is Laughter (Messages from the Heart) by Lexie Brockway Potamkin

This book is such an depth insight understanding of the human emotions and how laughter is considered the best medicine in the world. As life progresses, some times one becomes burden with the responsibilities of daily living. Stress and sometimes tragedies hits us hard and we lose hope. So when a brilliant writer comes along and writes an inspirational book about the therapy of laughter and how to bring it back into one's life it is a book to be cherish.

For she discovered the secret to life, to laugh, and the world laughs with you. She wrote an deep, insightful but relaxing story, the truth of the psychological, medical and other benefits of laughter and how we need to remember to make ourselves laugh, even fake it until it becomes real. To give yourself a gift every day, to laugh at all the littlest to the largest thought and somehow life is not a pit of cherries or stagnant. Rather a thrill ride and we all need to hold on and see the humour in all of it at times.

To share with her readers, and as a delight to receive an gift in the mail, that is the true meaning of sharing joy. As a reader I feel bless to have the inspiring words available in hard-cover, to placed on the night stand and have available to read little insights here and there. There is a sweet bonus the author listened to her readers and added their comments in the story, to see your own words written and to share others words of wisdom, this reader has received an early Holiday gift which warms the heart.

The author collected the meaning of laughter from many individuals and created an inspirational guide. here is one of the many selected reader's words; "Foremost the lack of laughter is a reminder to me that my life has become out of balance and it's time to reflect and find my own center again. When I have done so my day is filled with laughter I am able to see humor in all quirks of life, pleasant,or otherwise." It acts as a medicinal elixir, minimizing the potentially frustrating moments." Very poignant and good advice. The artwork of the book is also very intrinsically beautiful. So with the insight and the artwork a reader will be pleased to have this book in their collection.

In the darkness this reader's motto is faith, hope and love, the author made me realized the missing ingredient of the elixir of life is laughter. For without laughter, there is no hope, no faith and no love. She also writes other inspirational books and is knowledgeable of human insight and a good author to preview. Especially with the holidays coming, all readers need inspirational books to have close on hand for those stormy days in one's life, ones that make the endorphins of the brain dance and bring smiles and laughter to all readers. This book definitely does this. Highly recommend this author and her books. Google her name and find out more about this amazing teacher, mentor and parent, as well as an uplifting author.

Not available on Amazon because you can go to this link, to find out more about this author and her inspirational books.

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