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New Year's Dedication Angels Cried, Anthology for all the Sandy Hook School Support Fund

12/31/12   $5.99


Angels Cried [Kindle Edition]

Sara St. Claire Crystal Schall Allison Bruning Reyna Hawk Eri Nelson ,Katherine Rochholz Matthew Christopher NelsonDon Martin Stephen L. Wilson ,Gretchen Steen 

Book Description

 December 25, 2012
On 12/14/12, tragedy struck. Authors and artists combined, so that their expressions of emotion could be put to good use. Contributors from around the world came together and we shared our souls for charity. Our effort has combined to create the anthology "Angels Cried." The proceeds of this eBook go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, managed by the United Way.
Thank you

Meghan Arcuri
Michael Bailey
Jen Baker
Ency Bearis
Julian Brooklyn
Allison Bruning
Elizabeth E. Castillo
Crysta Dawn
Guy Anthony De Marco
T.J. Edison
George S. Geisinger
Charlie Giardino
Marianne Halbert
Reyna Hawk
Zrinka Jelic
Cyma Rizwaan Khan
John Kovacich
Rachel E. Kovacs
Catherine Mahoney
Don Martin
Tami Kidd Masincupp
Paul Morrison
Melisha N. Murray
Eri Nelson
Matthew Christopher Nelson
Roseville Nidea
Linda Bonney Olin
Moses Opara
Alan Place
Katherine Rochholz
Kit Roe
L.K. Russ
Sara St. Claire
Crystal Schall
Zantippy Skiphop
Daron Smith
Brien Sparling
Gretchen Steen
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
Lisa Williamson
Stephen L. Wilson

All these remarkable authors and artists come together to bare their souls and let the angels sing. Please think twice and realized the tragedy has wounded many. That a new start has to be reborn, a new school and other needs to help the community heal. The United Way has been in existence for a long time and are very efficient with their donations. 

I have read this book and contribute a poem. As a reader, my heart bleeds, my eyes cried, and my soul soars. There are contributions from authors and artists around the world. This book is insightful  thoughtful and inspiration of thoughts. There are stories of an outsider observers of their anguish. To raise the consciousness of humanity, how pain affects us all.  There are dedications to all of the angels that departed from us too early. For them and all others who departed too early.   

This is a treasure and a healing balm to the families affected by this. As well as one of the many steps towards action. You can be anonymous, buy, like, tag and share this book. Go to sleep tonight knowing you invested in the school fund and became secret angels to heal the community wounded by this senseless and brutal offence. 

To me the wound was so penetrating to my soul  that I could not just let this pass by and forget these angels. Go on the Internet, look at all those precious faces  and their bright eyes. Like a candle flame do not let their flames be extinguished.   Go to Amazon. com, purchase this gift and/or donate through Paypal button on top. Let the angels sing, be messengers that the violence has to stop. Never to be forgotten.  UK link for Angels Cried Anthology. 

12/31/12 This blogger as well as the Indies In Action like to thank the evil mastermind and his minions, staff of Indies Unlimited for a beautiful and touching blog, for the last day of the year. It showcases three very worthy causes, so let the angels sing and as a New Year's promise, let's open our minds, hearts and spirits more, and pockets to help one another achieve the impossible, for it is possible when we cooperate together in unity. 

A special thank you to  and Cathy Speight of Book Junkies Journal for highlighting the anthology

******A supernatural dedication,

Charlotte Bacon, 6, -  animals  and her pretty pink outfit
Olivia Engel, 6, - dancing and art
Dylan Hockley, 6, - martial arts  from Britain
Jesse Lewis, 6, - collection of animals he enjoyed playing with, and he was learning to ride horseback
Ana Marquez-Greene, 6, - Jazz music

Grace McDonnell 7,. - a painter and to live on Martha's VineYard.
Emilie Parker, 6 ,- draw a picture
Noah Pozner, 6, - read and liked to figure out how things worked mechanically
Jessica Rekos, 6,.-  horses,"
Daniel Barden, 7,- a band with his brother James and sister Natalie, his family said.  Daniel loved to read, ride the waves at the ocean,

Josephine Gay, 7, - Raven's Fan,   Josephine Grace "Joey" Gay, a 7-year-old child born in Columbia
Madeleine Hsu, 6, - upbeat and kind with her pink hairbow
Catherine Hubbard, 6, - passion of animals and constant smile,'

Chase Kowalski, 7,- sports and about completing — and winning — his first mini-triathlon
James Mattioli, 6, - "numbers guy"

Jack Pinto, 6, - Giants
Caroline Previdi, 6, - Silly Caroline" Previdi had an infectious grin and a giving heart.
Avielle Richman, 6, - loved minivan after the movie Brave, from California, loved to run bare foot  
Benjamin Wheeler, 6 -  aged six, loved his brother Nate, soccer, school and the 7 train to Sunnyside, Queens.
Allison Wyatt, 6. - She loved art and her drawings were taped to the walls of her home.

Dawn Lafferty. Hochsprung, 47,-
Anne Marie Murphy, 52, -
Lauren Rousseau, 30,
Mary Sherlach, 56, -
Victoria Soto, 27, -
Rachel D'Avino, 29, -

Blogs dedicated to the Angels Cried anthology

This is one of the artists behind the amazing pictures and book cover  of Angels Cried Anthology

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  1. As one of the contributors, I am pleased with this review. Contributing as I did was not an obligation, but a duty to preserve the memory of those that lost their lives, in hopes that this never happens again. Bravo for a kind word!

    I cannot think about this without tears rolling down my face. It is a mixture of tears of joy and sadness that I endure, because this event hit very close to me. I hope everyone will purchase a copy, and help the families.