Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wicked Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares by J.Lee Akers

As a reader, I was looking for a sentimental and dark read but some light poetry and someone recommended this book, 

published by Faellin Angel Realm.

I brought the book on a recommendation from another reader, from the first poem to the last, the description was true, it is touching and makes you feel things like no other. In fact two poems caught my eye and I copied and pasted them  into an event Acts of kindness on Facebook, for the theme was of light and dark, about missing our loved ones and one special one about dragons. The dragons touched this reader so I will include to let the readers preview this author's talents.

This one:

The Dragon and The Witch 10/08/2008
She runs through the woods, the
branches pulling at her cloak and dress.
She stumbles into a cave away from the
weather, and witch hunters.

She pushes off her hood to reveal her red streaked
raven black hair.
She looks around as she ventures into the cave further
hearing the distant sound of the dogs dissipate.
Not sure where she is going
but is unafraid.
She is startled by a noise up ahead
but sees a light up ahead and moves toward it.
She enters the chamber and see it’s lit dimly
a rustling noise off to her side makes her gasp and turn.
She is met with a pair of yellow eyes
her heart is racing.
The eyes slowly start toward her and as they come out of the shadows
she sees it is a beautiful black dragon.
As he moves toward her she backs away but not in fright so
she can see all of him.
He lowers his head to her and she cautiously steps toward
him until she is standing in front of him.
She looks into his eyes and is startled at what she sees
sadness, loneliness, and a glimmer of hope.
She reaches to pet his nose and finds his skin is
surprisingly smooth and soft.
She finds they is no need to speak for they
just know what the other is thinking.
The dragon lies down to sleep
she curls up to sleep with him.
She sleeps peacefully knowing that
she will never be alone.
She knows that where ever she goes
that he will be watching and keeping her safe always…forever.

And the other poems are haunting and looks at deep pain we all are afraid to express yet it has to come out and this author has the insight to write her expression into spiritual and haunting poetry. Highly recommend this book if you are into deep thoughts and need to express those vague feelings and know you are not alone in the darkness, for the light will break through. 

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