Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angels Cried, Are We Listening?

As a reader, reading each story and poem, and as an observer, observing the artwork in this anthology, my heart bleeds, my eyes cry, and my soul soars. There are contributions from authors and artists around the world. This book is insightful, thoughtful and an inspiration through expressions of grief. There are stories of observers, of life experiences and of anguish. Some stories are dedicated to the angels, by singing their names in print. The authors wanted to express their solidarity and acknowledgment to the grieving as well to raise the consciousness of humanity, and to demonstrate how pain affects us all. 

There are 40 authors who have created dedications to all of the angels that departed from us too early. These stories are an accumulation of the welling pain of so many senseless brutal actions against innocent people, and a tribute written for the latest angels and all others who departed too early.

This is a treasure and could be a healing balm to the families and all affected by this. It is my hope that this anthology may be one of the many steps towards action to stop violence. So please preview, buy, and go to sleep tonight knowing you invested in the school fund and became secret angels to heal the community wounded by this senseless and brutal offense. This powerful anthology was created by authors and artists who wanted to express their emotions, and at the same time assist the families and survivors with donations. Thus, this labor of love was born, and all proceeds are donated to the school fund managed by the United Way. 

This is an investment that will help many. The anthology is filled with light and dark expressive stories and poems, which work to bring attention to unite people in this time of grief, and help them heal. Hopefully others learn, and offer kind actions, or at least take a look at a deep and insightful book such as this.

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