Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Artist, Angels Cried and Dedication for Valentine's Day

I have the pleasure to work with the artist Matthew C. Nelson and promote his artwork and The Grove Comic Book, it started as a relationship as a healing balm to wounds that will take a long time to heal and continues today. For 2013 my acts of kindness were side tracked when someone threw a glass brick into my glass house of beliefs. At first I was angry by this person accusations then as time  progressed, one door closed, another one opened and I learn a valuable it is better to forgive then to hold grudges.

I love to promote others, help others and be a teacher when someone is in need. For 2 years,I enjoyed to  to promote Indie Authors with their own promotions and many other unforgotten deeds that led to memories and a fulfilment of a toasty feeling of accomplishment to me. Tingling sense of being a light to another. My purpose fulfilled to bring peace to the universe and community  in general. I am still involved with promoting, but for the month of February I decided a hard working artist with untapped potential needs to be promote.

He is hard working and resides  in a financial struggling economic area of employment. He wants to be an excellent provider for his family and he has alot of talents, as an author and one of the contributors to the Grove Comic on Facebook and the anthology of Angels Cried available at Amazon.com and so much more.  The Facebook page of Angels Cried has their own promotion, they are asking for 500 likes before February 1st, they are at 92, so MTMC2FE decided to adopt their page and ask that all go and click a like to show support to the world that the angels did not depart in vain. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angels-Cried/291375294299301?fref=ts

The artist was there on my birthday and gave me a wonderful gift and a story about Silvertoe, a dragon. The story board is on my personal Facebook Page and I have been posting his other artwork on Message to my Children Facebook Wall.  I and he have been working together developing employment opportunities for him, as a children's author, an artist. I created a Facebook event Acts of kindness and now decided to promote his abilities and how he can create custom artwork to be given as a special gift for a special loved ones or day, such as Valentine's Day.

We decided to have a count down for 28 days, actually starting today Blue Third Thursday, of January  the day most people are depressed, with overstress and bills from the holidays. He has brighter up my day tremendously  chatting on Facebook, he was able to see inside my mind, and present me with two, hilarious and a precious portraits, My Heart, My Family. Which is portrayed on the Facebook event.  https://www.facebook.com/events/530503523641673/

I am researching and working on creating a 501-C3 non-profit agency for causes, and pets. I have a Paypal donation button on this blog site to help raise funds for his artwork and I am honest and will place the money in the right hands with the right documentation and show all paperwork at any time to all who requested to see it. Within privacy guidelines.

Matthew is willing to communicate with his customer on Facebook and through email to create a memorable digital art-photo to be saved, upload to a CD, flash-drive, email to others or print out on Kodak paper.  The Paypal site will be able to accept donations, credit and debit cards soon or if you prefer speak to Matthew and send him a money order or a check for his services. .

Matthew has old fashioned pride and will do his best to give you a quality product with in a 48-72 hour turn around timeline  in email. For $15.00 dollars a life-time memory is not that expensive, considering a percent is going to the Newtown, Ct Community, as he desires to fulfil as a promise to someone dear to him.

https://www.facebook.com/events/530503523641673/ Facebook event for now until 2/28/13

this is one of the photo of my family to show the likeness, awesome.

These are some of his pictures, he has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Matthew-Christopher-Nelson/444024478985652?ref=stream   and an artist site http://ghostdragonpoet.deviantart.com/  I will update the Pinterest board, but he can take a photo and make it into a memory. So what is your acts of kindness for 2013, please join us at the Facebook event, share and enjoy.  Think of a memory, hook up with Matthew and remember the donation button for PayPal is here, to pay for his services and a gift, $15.00. Speak to him and create a dream come true.  http://pinterest.com/bubblesue30/ghost-dragon-poet-matthew-c-nelson/

Artist, Angels Cried and a Dedication to Supporters of Worthy Causes.
For Valentine’s Day, Facebook Event, and gifts for loved ones.

And if you which I do not believe in community, many do not know about this great site, please check them out too, It is a treasure chest of wonderment, entertainment and knowledge and give them a like to show support. 

https://www.facebook.com/IndiesUnlimited?ref=stream includes a winner blog and a bookstore. What more can you ask for, shop local and surprise your loved ones for Valentine's day. Buy a artist masterpiece, give to a worthy cause, Angels Cried, buying their book or donating here or at Author Stephen L. Wilson blog. the Twitter link is above. In all I am discovering with the ups and downs of the beginning of 2013, it can be a year of Divine Love starting with each of us. At the Facebook event, come and add an act of kindness and let the light shine forth. 
  Happy Valentine's Day, may Hope, Faith and Love find you and wrapped you up like a special gift with a bow and let others unwrapped it to be delightfully surprised. 

 All artwork and many more at the links are all created by Artist Matthew C. Nelson

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  1. Nice post, Cat! I agree with everything you mentioned about the cover artist Matthew Nelson. I admire his work, and I certainly understand about the economy making things tough on independent types. Hopefully it is time for his talent to break out, and make an impact on the world!