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 “The Holy Spirit spoke the truth to your ancestors when he said through Isaiah the prophet:
26 “‘Go to this people and say,
“You will be ever hearing but never understanding;
    you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.”
27 For this people’s heart has become calloused;
    they hardly hear with their ears,
    and they have closed their eyes.
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
    hear with their ears,
    understand with their hearts
and turn, and I would heal them.’[
28 “Therefore I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen!” [29] [b]

If you are a devoted, new, or experienced student of the Holy Bible you would interrupt the above verse from Acts 26;28 as a warning of what would happen in the latter days of civilization, when the time came for the last generations of children who reside on earth to choose which father to obey, God or god. As stated in the Holy Bible, times would come when a darkness would infiltrate all human flesh and spirits, for in the Garden of Eden, the first human creations, God's children Adam and Eve, committed an unforgivable sin against Him. Which caused a schism between Heavenlies. Wife and husband listened to the serpent's lies (satan casted down to earth) and disobey God's commandment, not to eat of the tree of knowledge. The serpent manipulated Eve, challenged her to partake of the tree, and she did and she shared the forbidden fruit with her husband Adam. Thus committing a serious offense against the Creator. They betray Him and choose the father of lies, Satan as their ruler. Satan won one battle against the Creator and separated God's children from Him by having both disobey the commandment not to eat of the tree of knowledge.

Thus this betrayal broke their holy union with their original creator, God. The veil over their eyes and spirits was torn off and they were no longer pure and could not partake of the glorious gifts from the Father n the beautiful garden he created for them. Garden of Eden. Evil had tainted them, causing separation from their true Father, and they too were casted out of the Heavenlies to be placed on another dimension,earthly plane, where Satan resided. . God had to punished the couple, for not trusting and obeying his commandment not to eat the forbidden fruit so he casted them out of the Eden paradise, and vanquish them to the outer dimension of Earth's surface. Adam had to toil the land and Eve was to suffer giving birth and to be more human then spirit form, losing their supernatural gifts and abilities, making them human and vulnerable to evil's plot of revenge against all of the children, past, present and future generations..

As time and generations passed on earth, the Father loved His children more and more each generation until evil figured out how to infiltrate the masses and corrupt their minds, hearts and souls. Evil appear to be winning the battle as all of the Godly commandments were being abandoned and mocked.

God and His angels watched from above all who resided on the earth's mantel and was angry with Satan, as he gradually one by one spiritual attacked God's children and Godly beliefs, with evil vices that were abomination to the Creator. Satan and his fallen angels resided in the lower mantel in another dimension, with their strategic plans push forward their schemes or agendas to destroy all that was beautiful, the Godly creation, God's Children with each generation created. He had the ability to do so as he was created as a glorious and powerful angel in the higher Heavens, and even on earth he had and still has his supernatural abilities and uses them to transport from the seen to the unseen dimensions of the Heavenliest, from earth to Hell and back. He use his gifts to kill, murder and destory all he could and will continue to do so until the last generations is born.

As the centuries progress and the human race turned away from the true Creator, evil relaized that if he kept striving with dominerring all exstance, through deception more and more souls who were broken and corrupted would be his prize, on earth and in Hell, and his revenge almost complete against the tue God. .

He understood that no supernatural veil sack cloth between Heaven and Earth would seperate him and/or humankind and he could cross boundaries. AS the human children turned away, God deccided to give evil permission to test the children As he became more bolder and arrogant he because a master manipulator and broker unkept promises, contracts and extortion as his weapons against the children. He took authority all the woeld leaders and created mass plans of destruction through wars, greed and money distractions, confusing the masses what was right or wrong,and to who they desire to obey, to and did not give them choices who to follow, as he brain washed, hypontize all to believe in the destoryer, and not the true God.

Over genertions and the spiritual seperation of which father to obey caused diversion. They were lied to If they disobey the true Father, they could not repent or go back to the vindicative God, not to be banished to Hell, the masses gave up and slowly were dupped into becoming sleeping sheep heading to their slaugther, on earth and in the afterlife.. The divide of good and evil among the masses god, Satan and God, Creator of Heaven and Earth was being divided in tot the sheep and the goats, one follow the Sherpard and the other follow the Deceiver.

God's children and evil's children, (demons) resided together, and some became ensared into earthly pleasures and vices. Evil furious with God, planned a wicked revenge, over centuries he created deceptive practices and lies to confused the innocent ones, with false truths, and caused many to commit transgressions and turn away from the Creator.

Evil deceived the masses into believing if the broke one or more of the ten commandments they were too corrupt to ask for the Father's forgiveness as they fell and disobey God. Evil expanded his agenda which was to corrupt all the holy children and take hostage of their souls. His objective to slowly make them prisoners in his kingdom on earth, and of Hell. Hold them capitive until their deaths to be banshed to his kingdom, for enternity, Hell. Thus creating a cruel nd angry people on earth who were corrupted and vunerable to open the door to demons possession, through trickery. Thus they the demons were able to overtake their lives through spiritual channels and evil deceptions.

Through vices, drugs, evil actions, alcohol, and etc. He inflitrated their minds, hearts and souls with darkness and had them commit pride infractions, mentally, physically and spirit transgressions which caused seperation from the true Father. And convinced they was no turning back. He also deceived many to accept false deceptions and sell ther souls to him for riches and fame, instant gratifications. Which later he would void and punished the guilable people who accepts his terms.

In the Garden of Eden when God had to ban his children from the Garden He understood that His children and generations afterward, would be led astray by the evil one. He had to heal the breach of betrayal of Adam and Eve, plan a winning strategy to bring freedom to His children. This is where the scarfice of his only begotten son Jesus Christ would come into existance, centuries later, to bring the captive slaves out of Eygpt to wander the lands for 40 years to discover the promised land of Milk and Honey. He was born to be the catyalst and the offerng of His death, to bring freedom from evil and to give free will to all children. With this free will they would be free to seek the truths, and when they relaized the true truth of who the true Father is, they would and will desire to be reunited with Him once again in the enternal paradise

This gift from the Creator, the death of His only begottten son was to break the chains of evil bondage over all residents on earth. To save His children souls who were being taken hostage by evil's deceptions.
God in his glory understood He needed to design a undeafeated plan of winning not the battles, but the war against evil.

It was not enough punishment for evil to reside in a hellish enivroment of enternal suffering and torture, he had to stop the planned destruction of His Children. He had to breach the diversion of evil and good through an offering of supernatural love which no evil or human one could defeat, a final offering to bring His children back to Him. He understood that evil would inflitrate and ruled the earth for many centuries and overtake the population with his evil intentions.

When he thought he was winnng and most of the earth rejected the truth of Jesus Chrst who died, was burry and rosed on the third day, the tue Messiah a time of wickness and darkness would blanket the planet and it masses as they were deceived by the father of lies, deception and manipulation. He would mourn for His lost children and desired to save them. He did not want to banish the wicked ones with the fallen demons in Hell, a place only reserved for the demons.
Hell was created for the wicked demons and not for his human children, He desired all of his creations not to suffer.

Thus He created a plan to birth a son through a Holy Spirit and human flesh union. The Holy Spirit with God's permission visited a young virgin, Mary and asked her to allow a child to be born through her, Jevonah's son, and name him …. Which according to the Holy Bibke was 2000 plus years ago. This son of Holy and earthly union grew into a supernatural being, human and spirit man walking among the earthly population with a mission to preach His father's gospel and show the real father through him, by performing wonders and miracles, of healing the lame, blind and sick, raising the dead and sharing many miracles among the masses. Many stories are written in the Holy Book. These children with their free will be able to choose which master/father to obey. The original Creator, God, or the wantee to be god Satan.

If you are knowledgable or not of bibical history, the Holy book speaks of a spiritual war between God and god. Jevonah and Satan. Jovonah, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, were assigned to heal the breach of seperation between good and evil. The son, Jesus Christ was to be born, scarficed and die on the cross. This event occur 2000 plus years ago. He was cruified and shedded his blood, as an offering of life for the wayward children who would become ensare on the earth by evil's intentions. As it was recorded in the Book, one third of the angels were also casted out of the Heavenlies when Jevonah commanded Satan to be banished from the higher Heavens, would also corrupt many innocent souls. Satan was a rebel who desired to be the ruler of Heaven and Earth. His pride and ego overcame his moral compass he became jealous and envious of the original Creator and desired to be him. He rebel, created a mutiny against the Creator and was cast out of the Heavenlies, down to the earth. Where he was given authority over humankind and attacked them.

Satan residing on earth decided the perfect revenge would be to slowly inflitrated the human masses of unsuspecting residents, and steal their souls and enternal promise of everlasting life wth the true father. He manipulated many through witchcraft and possess V.I.P. S in power and authority, through governments, financial and media and all outlets which he could utilized to reach and confuse the masses to believe in his lies and caused confusion of what was right or wrong, to distort the truths and corrupt the human moral compass of righteous through witchcraft, trickery and manipulation.

Through the centuries, decades and years, he plotted and schemed behind the scenes, and manipulated his angels to possess others and caused upheaval and corruption to fltered in all forms of existance, from government to personal beliefs. With technology, media, and relgion he was able to trick many innocent children to comit transgressions that would seperate the masses.

The spiritual war between God and god as it is in Heaven, it will be on Earth. Evil domineer all channels of existance and utilized them and the powerful elite to lie and scheme to the populate and distorted the turths, causing a diversion of everything and everyone as to what was correct or not correct. He had the masses turn away from the Creator, by denyng their beliefs, and dscarding God's ten commandments and the human race would turn a way from the orginal creator, Lord and deny his existance. Evil manipulated the masses to accept him another as their creator, a god, who was not an loving uncondtional father, with unlimited patience and love, until the children taxed Him to the point of unrentlesss fury and sorrow he would have no choice but to punish the wayward children. He was in turmult and knew He has a impending decision to make, to let his wayward chilren suffer the consequeences, of disobeying Him. They choose god of Earth to serve and now would experience undescribable horror beyond human limitations, through severe punshments and be given into their desire to reside on a planet where evil became the reigning force. This disobedience of rejecting the true God had the masses in jepodary of losing connection with the Creator and face their moment of pivot awakening, of their fooolish follies and need for instant gratification, to lost the opportunity of enternal life with God. The mockery of wayward children and dominance of evl taking over earth, to caused the war in Heaven to come to Earth.

When the original creator created Adam and Eve, God did not desire them and future chldren to be robots as his followers, but rather free will chilren, who with a sound mind and heart who would decide which God or god to serve. He gave all children free will to chose. As in the bible it is recorded that all children reside on earth would be given free will to choose who to serve. It states that You can not serve two masters at the same tme. Choas would regin and paradise or damanation would be their destination.

When Jesus Christ became a scarfice for our transgressions, we as chldren are to obey the light, truth and the life and the Son, be obeying and living his laws, taught thruoguh the Holy Book and in an imtate relationshp with Jesus Christ. But, we have turned away from the truths and decided to follow the deceiver. Now we are to be granted oure desires, To reject the true Jesus Vhrist and live the life of the evil ones. As the commandments and God are mock through abdmoniations of transgressions, aborton, adultury, hurting another and loving thy selvesand money we are to suffer the consequences of our choices. We will be punished and the time is coming very soon, humankind will never see and experienced what is to come, the utter destruction and choas which will overcome all who exist on earth.

We need to choose the between enmeshed his blood for our salvation, we were given a gift beyond comprehension of any earthly existence. He choice of which father will be their final determination of everlasting peace or suffering in the pits of Hell. God or god,as born to become the scaficial lamb to stop evil, Satan and his cruel minions from having total domination over the unfortunate angels and humans who were the causality of the spiritual war between two Gods,

Jesus Christ through His Father, born in flesh, was a god and a human being. He was created and given to the lost children to be their savior, teacher and scarification lamb. His final demise to be crucified on the cross was the ultimate One Almighty God, Jevonah created the Earth, moon, sun and stars. Gave breathe to man and woman and created a Eden for these children to exist upon. The other God, some call Satan and other names, is a god of destruction and hatred. A god of pride, ego and unrighteousness, who became a jealous god and desired to be more powerful then the original God.  

Hmmm,  as you read the creatures on earth and their earthly habitat. Satan was furious that he was caste out of Heavenliest and punished verse above, you can comprehend that Paul, Jesus's Christ apostle was preaching scriptures to the unbelievers about the future of God's children, who disobey the Almighty. This above verse explains that there would a diversion among the children Abel and Cain, the righteousness and the unrighteousness ones. The diversion of which God or god to obey would caused confusion among the children, especially in times of darkness.

Satan as the father of Earth was a bitter and cruel master and hatred the humans and angels who loved the Father, the original creator of Earth and Heaven, all seen and unseen, and vow to destroy Gods'  to resided in the belly of earth along with the one third of angels who followed him, who also rebelled against the Creator's children and choose to be caste down with him to earth.

Forward summary of the human creation, spiritual battle occuring between God and god. As in previous MTMC books, the characters Eileen, Michael, Fernando, and others will be involve.
A story of present times, as some believe this is the last to last generations of residents on earth who will suffer the Great Tribulation of seven years and it is to be shortened to three and half years to save some of earth. The spiritual war between the two gods is coming to earth. Jesus Christ is to come back and defeat evil for once and all. But before this event, the masses would have to suffer consequences of their mockery and rejection of the truth, the way and the Life. Jesus Christ, who sacrifices his life on a cross, crucified and died and rose on the third day. He gave up his life, shed his blood so the residents of earth had a choice to be reunited with their true Heavenly family and live everlasting life in paradise or to suffer horrific consequences of uniting with the dark one for instant gratification and to suffer eternal damnation in the pits of Hell, where no human child should go, this pit  reserved for the demons. Yet, the wicked ones who turn away from God, let in the demons in and choose evil to be their master. God has no choice but to condemn these rebels to the punishment of Hell and stop the evil plans for these unfortunate souls.

As evl plotted the masses were all misled like lost sheep to their slaughter, evil plan an ingenious agenda to led them astray, He had the masses deny, reject and abandoned the true creator, His son and Holy Spirit by disobedience. Step by step he created and planned to infiltrate all levels of humanity from government to wrecking families. Using wickenness and weapons such as witchcraft, and other supernatural abilities to wrongly corrupt and confused many souls.

Godloved his creations so much He try to warn them through word of the Holy Book, miracles and other supernaturals outlets, preachers, watchman/women on the wall, yet more then half of the population mocked and rejected the true Father. Evil was winning through vicious actions, destroyer, murderer and thief, master manipulator he had most of the lost sheep under his authority and they were oblivious to the true Father's unconditional love.  

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