Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange

Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange is an complex space odyssey story  about female’s version of surviving without  the male species making the ultimate decision of  dividing their genres to not co-habit but to separate to their own world and create a new life without each other.  It has the emotional, psychological, sexual tones of being their own individuals yet the curiosity of what “if” the two genders risk all and united together weaved throughout the story...  It has sweet and bitter terminology intertwined throughout.  Tritcheon Hash is to gathered data to bring back to her council to decide if unification is the solution.  Has the male species clean up their act, are they still carnivorous beasts, violent fighting raging felonies not the vegetarian, passive and thinker of the these questions to be resolved.  She is assigned to gather this information and afraid yet curious throws away her misconceptions and opens her heart to this strange male alien and finds the truth out about herself and her destiny to be.

At first it was difficult to follow the thread but as this reader plunged forward the story started to unravel.  It is a space odyssey instead of earthling and aliens.  It was about separation of the male species on earth from the female species who decided to relocate to another planet echelons ago and decide to explore if unification is possible many centuries later..  It is interesting to think that the male and female species has so much conflict between them that they needed to separated and developed their own existence away from each other.  It is a good escape for women and men alike to think what would become of each other’s existence with and without each other. It has interesting concepts and strange point of views which keeps the story moving along.

It is not usually my choice, but this reader was glad to take on this challenge and complete this story, it leaves one to wonder about the gifts and the “what if’s between the two sexes and their future together or not . . To find more about this author’s works, you can visit her website at

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