Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine.


Ain’t No Sunshine by Leslie DuBois, this author is brilliant in her writing style, she wrote this story with twists and was able to openly discuss a taboo still existing in today's society in the shadows and make it an easy read. It is about interracial relationships and issues in the time period when schools and society were still against white and black interaction. There are two lifetime friends who are betting against the odds and willing to sacrifice all to be together. This author touches upon the conflict of interracial relationships which is powerful in itself. Then she adds a few twists and mysteries that keep the reader's assuming the conclusion and then getting it totally wrong. The conclusion totally shocks this reader's assumptions.

It is refreshing to read a story that stimulates the senses as the characters fight their fate to end up happily ever after or not. You have to read the story to solve the mystery.

5 Ravens!

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