Saturday, November 5, 2011


Is a promising mystery about a complex interracial relationship as it develops into a personal inventory of a beautiful woman who was told she was abandoned as a baby in a trash bin. She grows up thinking no one loves her and lives in the world of low self-esteem which makes her the perfect target for a smooth talking slime, her husband who uses her insecurities against her by abusing her being a Casanova and breaking her heart. She wakes up one morning and realizes that is more to life and leaves him. The departure starts her on an adventure with a mysterious Dr. Jekyll and Hyde man and brings her in a world of intrigue and secrets changing her destiny forever.

I have read this author's other books and this was on (tbr) my to read list, once again I was amazed by her works. She is a gifted writer that can take words and spin them into an entertaining tale that kept this reader up until the wee morning’s hours to watch the sun rise. Hours not lost for It touches on so many levels of human emotions from hurt, betrayal, anger and the characters rising from the ashes to be victorious once again and giving hope. Of course there is romance mixed in which is an additional benefit. The twists add suspense and drama to the story keeping the reader engaged to find out what will happen next.

I highly recommend this author books to anyone looking for adventure, mystery and entertainment all rolled up in one.

5 Ravens

(Reviewed by Sue Mahoney - Great Minds Think Aloud)

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