Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fox by Parrisha Martelly

Fox by Parrisha Martelly is a powerful story, at first I was attracted by the cover; As I was reading I did not think I was going to finish the story because I thought it was about knights and their era, of fighting and jostling with other foes but as I continued to turn the pages I was pleasantly surprised that it turned into a mystical supernatural fairy tale with a strange and beautiful female creature coming into her destiny as heir of a kingdom that she did not think care for her; terrified of her hidden powers and her unnatural form.  She longed for companionship and the joys that all females desire; a happy life with friends and a mate. Her loved one goes missing and she decides to rescue him from their ally turned foe.

There is fierce loyalty, honor and a budding romance intertwined into the plot.  This tale has suspense, drama, action as the tale develops around the Pandora Box and the secret of its location is to be hidden at all costs. To be protected with the sacrifices of her and friends' lives. There is a psychic who makes a predication; depending upon the predication all will be won or lost; it is refreshing and I not sure but it may be a tale not made into a movie yet.  This one of an amazing series in the works;   this book I would highly recommend for those who are into fairy tales, magical creatures and heroes then  these stories are for you and look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

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