Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wake Up America before it is too late; highly recommended for all ages.

In the author’s words:  “At this point in American history, we stand on the precipice. Below us lies utter ruin and the jagged rocks of socialism and national collapse, while behind us is the America our forefathers built and loved and died for.
Will America wake up and turn back before it‘s too late?”

Dreams and visions come to some, to be declared to the masses to be pronounced before it is too late and this book is one of these such as Nostradamus’ warnings; As a reader and a spiritual person seeking answers I choose to read this book because it has an old verse from the Hosea prophecy of the Old Testament; a prophet Hosea is commanded by God to take an adulteress as a wife.  It is written in the times of Israel uprising and betrayal against the almighty and displays the Almighty’s personal anguish as he watches his children disobeys him and relishes in the adulteress and sinful ways of the earthly/Satan realm and as an wise father he has to punish his children but still love them.

What is unique is that the author transform the words of Hosea's letter to Israel to be read as not a letter about Israel and her doom; He replaced Israel and surrounding territories in the letter as if America and it' states were the chosen nation to face God's wrath if the masses do not listen to the whispering of warning and obvious the chaos striking America; to continue ignoring the Holy Ghost or the inner consciousness of our essences which will be the destruction of our nation.

If America continues to ignore the warnings; All will become pawns to powerful countries, such as China who we are borrowing money to pay off our overwhelming debts and they are using the interest to build their defense artillery and the corrupted government who in the dark are leading the lost sheep, us to the slaughter and then letting the dangerous immorality run rampaging throughout the United States of America, which is leading to chaos and downfall of mighty America.  The way this message is written; this author could be described as a prophet, scientist, historian and Nostradamus  of the times; His story is predicting a possible collapse of our existence and life taken for granted if all keep ignoring the truths in front of our faces.


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