Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dead Pen Pals David Diamantes

This is a detective story with many characters and perspectives’. There are the wise cracking detectives who work together and are partners for the long haul. They go to work every day never knowing what cases they will be assigned to. One, then two cases came in, they seem to be two separate incidents but through technology and common sense the wise cracking detectives start to put the leads together and find the clues to break a money making scheme and a possible attempted murder because two shady characters caught in the darkness of on-line internet relationships are humiliated and in their rash behaviours of being betrayed by a con man leads them to act impulsively and commit crimes making them suspects and the chase is on.

The author is trying to emphasize that the internet is a treasure of knowledge and fun but sometimes there are persons out there who intend to be malicious and use it to con vulnerable victims and like a spider in a web the victims are caught in the web and will do anything to get out, be it rational or irrational actions. Thus the title Dead Pens summons up the story.

It is a complex plot the characters are street wise detectives who banter back and forth with sarcastic communication. The technological nerds called into to investigate the computer connection are described as stereotype geeks and then there is the wound veteran who has his anger at being mistreated by the American government when he arrived home and felt betrayed and mistrusts everyone expressing his distrust with his off off-colour remarks. The author adds intrigue of a blossoming romance between Bugs Cameron who is a detective and bee keeper who helps a beautiful reporter with venom therapy for her illness. He looks forward to being with her more and more, he is falling in love with her. Then then was the reverend and his secrets and his actions to be the center of attention as he brings light to the racial tensions and treatment of the homeless in his city. He becomes a target of a hit man.

The twist at the end was not what this reader thought it might be; it was a surprise and complex, it is a story where you become compel to find out what the conclusion is, who the criminals are then bang it is someone no suspects. This conclusion needs more attention because the reader is caught off guard and have to back track to settled the who and why's he/she was the final suspect. Goggle the title and watch the video and then you will be prepare to dive into a world of secrets and intrigue of the lives of detectives and the criminals they capture everyday. .

Here is an excerpt from the story; "Spray painted graffiti covered the concrete culvert as if it were a mural. “Welcome to gang banger central,” Cameron said. He tore open a blister pack of Nicorette. “I’d offer you some of this but I doubt you use the stuff. Debbs will drive us back to our cars.” “I don’t remember seeing the security guard when I first pulled up,” Langer said. “I got the feeling your Lieutenant thought he was full of shit.” Cameron turned on his flashlight and both men drew their weapons as they entered the six-foot diameter culvert. “I’ve done some stupid stuff over the years,” Cameron said. “But this is right up there. Debbs is sitting in his air conditioned car and I volunteered for this.”

If you are into wise cracking detectives and their assignments to find the clues to the suspects who led the detectives on a goose chase until they get the upper-hand and are one step ahead with the background details of life in the big city this is the story for you. It has intrigue and twists which the reader did not have an inking as to this was about to occur.

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