Monday, January 2, 2012

I Hunted and Killed Osama Bin Laden by John Boyd

Suspense, intrigue and drama wrapped up in an amazing thriller.

Review: After reading Isla Lacra – Scar Island Denver Noles Series by John Boyd I was compelled to read another story by this captivating writer. Title; I hunted and Killed Osama Bin Laden; I opened the book and saw this dedication in the author's words." I also dedicate this book to all the troops past and present who have risked their lives to fight terrorism. I salute you."

I was hooked by this dedication; thinking this author is honoring veterans and I applaud authors who do this. After completing this thriller of the corrupter's series; once again I was delighted by the fast paced action thrill of the characters and the plot, non-stop excitement. This story is about retired experienced military personnel and long-time friends working as independent operators hunting for terrorists in the Middle East; starting with their first assignment and successfully kidnapping an important terrorist; completed the assignment of delivery of Abu Nabil to the CIA which leads to the team being granted the authority and the victory assignment of hunting and killing the fierce dictator Bin Laden.

An excerpt from the story; "He offered us specialized Ops as bounty hunters going after the bad guys. Abu Nabil was to be our first order in plating the big cheese, UBL, the military’s weird acronym for Osama bin Laden."

It is a fiction story but if a reader wanted to have insight into the dark world of bounty hunters/operators of the American military traveling for an hit man assignment this story has all that and much more. The author has the flair to write eloquently to let the reader experience the operators’ personal mission as they seek out their targets while combating their enemies and survive the harsh conditions and traps that were confronted with in the darkness of the dry desert.

The events keep the story flowing and the reader's heart racing as the team chases the terrorists running to escape to hide in the mazes of enclosed caves in deep enemy territory. The climax builds as the team has to get close enough to complete their mission which has them in unfamiliar surroundings surviving dangerous threats from the forces protecting Bin Laden. They are unstoppable and driven to complete their assignment against their dangerous foes and to live to received their large reward of compensation, without losing their lives. Except there is intrigue because there are other hidden threats in the pitch blackness that the operators were not prepare for and it takes them by surprise.

The bond of the characters and elements of surprise and tragedy of the friends/team and their loved ones suffer through brings gasps to the reader's breathing. As if the story is not thrilling enough; the author writes a complex twist of conspiracy and espionage of mysterious allies or foes that become the hunters and the hunted. The question whom is the mastermind behind the betrayal and why the secret of the alleged death of bin Laden is not to be unveil no matter what, they should be rewarded yet their lives are in jeopardy and the drama is intense as they cooperate together to bring the truth to the light.

There is a hint of romance between the main character and the sexy banker who becomes his confidant in the scheming plot to accomplish the mission of killing the terrorists and receive justice for their betrayal. Question; who can they trust; is there anyone that is not corrupted and will they survive to live into their old age? I highly recommend this and his other thrillers by this author to be placed on your library shelf this New Year.

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